How To Purchase SBS Courseware

Version 4

    If you're looking for a way to help your site members use SBS for the first time, our user training videos are here to help.


    You can purchase all of our training videos and host them on your site in a Help and Feedback space, or a Getting Started space - or whatever you want to call it.  We'll also incluse the lab tutorials for users who like the step-by-step approach to training at their own pace.


    How do I purchase SBS courseware?


    Each package listed below costs $995.  Contact Rick Palmer - Jive Education Manager to request an order form and pay by credit card or purchase order.

    Why host our courseware on your site?


    You're welcome to send users to Jivespace for free user training, but that takes them away from your site.  Hosting our courseware on your site brings the same training resources to your site members and keeps them engaged on your site, not ours.


    Which materials are included?


    We offer our training videos and lab tutorials in a package for users and another package for admins.  The videos are in both Quicktime (.mp4) and Windows Media (.wmv) formats and the lab tutorials are in Adobe PDF format.


    Here's a list of the videos and lab tutorials included in each package:


    User Training Courseware
    Admin Training Courseware


    Jive SBS Overview
    Application Menus
    Find Content, Places, and People
    User Profile, Photo, and Avatar
    Personalize your Homepage
    Bookmark Important Content
    Create Social Groups
    Start a Discussion
    Create or Upload Documents
    Blog About your Thoughts & Opinions
    Work More Effectively with Projects


    How to Open the Admin Console
    Create a Space
    Customize Space Homepages
    Create a Private Space
    Change Permissions
    Manage Discussions and Documents
    Configure Moderation and Abuse Reporting
    Content Filters and Interceptors
    Manage Users
    How to Ban Users
    Configure Status Levels
    System Administration



    How will my SBS courseware package be delivered?


    The materials listed above will be bundled into a zip file and you'll receive a download link via email.  Once downloaded, you can load each video into SBS if you have the Video Module installed, or can load them directly on your server and link to them from a Document or Formatted Text Widget.