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    OK, strap in for this module. This is how you'll make money, so learn it, live it, love it.



    Module 3: Jive Solutions



    What does Jive sell?

    There are three primary solutions that we are selling as of Q1 of 2013:

    1. Jive Cloud Capabilities
    2. Social Marketing and Sales Solutionreview all the of the content in this area, with particular focus upon the following:
      1. Jive for Sales Pitch Deck
      2. Jive for Sales Solution Materials
      3. Jive for Sales Playbook
      4. Jive for Sales Customer Case Studies
      5. Jive for Sales Training DeckFeb+5th+Training.pptx
      6. Video training for base demo: Jive_for_sales_demo_video.mp4 - Box
    3. Social Intranet Solution review all the of the content in this area, with particular focus upon the following:
      1. Why You Need a Social Intranet
      2. 01-Social+Intranet+Pitch+Deck+Final.pptx
      3. 02-Customer+Case+Studies+-+Social+Intranet.pptx
      4. 03-Social+Intranet+Demo+Slides+and+Script.pptx
      5. Play+Training+Deck+-+Social+Intranet+Sales+Bootcamp.pptx
      6. Pitch+Video+-+Social+Intranet.mp4
      7. Demo+Video+Social+Intranet+Act+1.mp4 - Box
      8. Demo+Video+Social+Intranet+Act+2.mp4 - Box
    4. Social Customer Service Solutioneview all the of the content in this area, with particular focus upon the following:
      1. Pitch+Deck+-+Customer+Service.pptx
      2. Customer-Service-Demo-Slides-Script-Jan-2013
      3. 01-ESN+Pitch+Deck+-+Customer+Service.ppt
      4. 02-ESN-Customer-Service-Demo-Slides-Script-Jan-2013.pptx


    Jive Platform:

    The next generation of social business.

    1. Review:
    2. Download Jive Product Overview and review it



    How does Jive make customers successful?


    1. 6 Key Customer Stories.pptx
    2. Video: Now Business is Social
    3. Download and understand Jive Professional Services Packages Field+services+packages+0311.pdf
    4. Spend 15 minutes familiarizing yourself withJive Social Business Blueprint
    5. Community Activity Patterns: Employee Community Activity Patterns in Large Organizations
    6. How businesses use social business software at the micro level: Example User Activities by Business Unit
    7. How to Launch a Community Sample Video: Pearson Always Learning - Launch Video (Dino)
    8. A Successful Project Team
    9. Groups vs. Spaces in v4.5 (a decision matrix)
    10. Patterns / Use Cases
    11. Download/Watch 7 Successful Adoption Practices presentation and video
    12. Download Jive Social Business Blueprint:
    13. How To Engage Your Prospect with the Blueprint
    14. Jive Total Economic Impact Report- Final.pdf



    Use this Jive Right Start Successful Practices+Initial FTEs+Timeline in 2nd or 3rd meeting to:

      • sell the value of Strategy Consulting
      • communicate the initial investment in full-time equivalent (FTE) staffing
      • demonstrate how long it typically takes to roll out enterprise-wide (or to "the world" if external)


      • Jive Strategy Consulting will make you successful, faster
      • The most important net-new resource you need is 50% FTE Community Manager - will grow to 100% over the first year, depending on community growth/participation
      • In 3 months, you'll have enough data to make a fact-based go/no-go decision re: larger deployment


    Who are Jive's competitors?


    1. Download and review the Competitors Section on the Jive Partner Community: (Archived) Jive Partner Community
    2. Bookmark Partner Asset Library

    Seriously, our competitors don't stand a chance. Prepare to crush your number this year!

    Rules for engaging Jivers to help you sell


    1. Be transparent - accelerate your sales cycles! Collaborate with your team in the open as much as possible. This is what your opportunity group is for. This allows all Jivers - the ones you know, and those you DON'T KNOW YET - to see what's going on in your opportunity, and jump in to help when they can. You may not even have to ask!
    2. @ mention. Type the @ symbol immediately followed by the person's name, like this: @gia_lyons, in a discussion, document, comment, etc. That person will get a notification in their inbox, and jump in within 24 business hours most of the time.
    3. Say thanks. A simple "thanks!" in a comment is enough, but if someone goes above and beyond, give them a Rypple Thanks - it goes into their annual personnel appraisal