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    Courtesy of Jive's own: Charles Mae

    TX User Group Meeting - Thursday, March 21st @ 2:00 - 4:00PM CST



    • 1:30 - 2:00 Gathering; pre-event networking
    • 2:00 - 2:10 Member Introductions
    • 2:10 - 2:25 Help a Member Out - Patrick O'brien at Dachis Group Collaboratory talking about his experience with upgrading to Jive 6       
    • 2:25 - 2:55 Spotlight on Technology - Solarwinds thwack and their new Alert Central software
    • 2:55 - 3:25 Jive Roadmap (presented by Jive PM or Ryan and Deirdre)
    • 3:25 - 3:45 Plugins vs Apps Comparison (FG SQUARED)
    • 3:45 - 4:00 Meeting evaluation and planning for Q2 event


    <Attendee List attached to this Jive doc>


    Help a Member Out - Patrick O'brien at Dachis Group Collaboratory talking about his experience with upgrading to Jive 6

    Patrick OBrien

    Community Manager

    Social Business Council


    SocialCast has a great UX, but not as good for streams. Too much content.

    Finding a best of both worlds platform, and picked Jive 6 for:

    • robustness of activity stream (creating streams very quickly)
    • long term storage of assets
    • Ability to tag in activity stream @mention along with static assets
    • walk through for new users (quick set of tasks to get going)
    • ability to highlight groups in overview page
    • Ease of configuring groups using drag and drop widgets


    social media marketing application comparison

    adoption dropped off from social cast because of old users. Now that new users are jumping on clean, they think it's fantastic.


    Q. Why are people holding back from migration from going to Jive 6?

    A. Paradigm shift going from 4.5 to 5. Just moved from 4.5 to 5. Have not yet made the move to 6.


    Q. Can you jump quickly between different groups in Jive 6?

    A. Not out of the box. Ryan does have a plugin that handles that.


    Spotlight on Technology - Solarwinds thwack and their new Alert Central software


    Moved from Telligent to Jive 5.

    Thwack is a major component of the SolarWinds Community, but is not THE community. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all important. Thwack is a series of spaces that are mostly undated and freely populated. It's their blog, idea, main social, and self help support platform.

    Thwack is a place for answers, feature requests, product extensions, and add-ons:uploads


    Using the Ideation module, as well as the advanced gamifications where users get points based on content uploaded and downloaded.

    Paradigm shift from Telligent. Had to build and customize to allow for smoother transition to Jive.

    Over 100K registered users, 300K views a week, 850 content creations a week

    group creation is restricted to administrator to control groups more tightly.

    Supporting multiple languages on the fly. All running on one instance.

    Some of the languages are walled off from the automatic translation.


    Q. is the functionality on the top bar a customization?

    A. Yes, it was done by FT Squared.


    Q. How many users are contributing regularly on Thwack?

    A. 4,500 active users in a week


    Q. How are notices handled in multiple languages?

    A. All notices are sent in English.


    Q. Why not use Google translate?

    A. Google was charging for the service, and there was no way to know the impact of the charges.


    Jive Roadmap (presented by Ryan Rutan)

    What's coming in Jive 7 and beyond.

    Focus: get productive, talk -> action, constantly improving performance

    Cut onboarding costs: get started right. Allowing for customization of get started with own personalized content. Offer expert's guide, tailor to your company, choose the right goals

    Purposeful places: explicit purpose and essential context with purposeful places. optimized, customizable layouts and data sources, quick-create integration APIs (around 20 different types of groups /templates) integration withJive. Real time collaboration

    Mobile: work on the go. New iPad and iPhone app.

    Structured outcomes: trigger workflows in other systems, routed for faster resolution.

    ability to merge streams from external to internal communities

    Unlocking the value of siloed assets (box, MS SP, Google apps, SFDC)

    Impact stats on iPad, KPI reports

    Jive Present: ability to work online/offline via iPad, commenting.

    Support for 17 languages


    Q. will purposeful places be an add-on?

    A. It will be available out of the box with Jive 7.


    Q. Analytics changes?

    A. Jive 7 features shown are not related to Jive Analytics.



    Plugins vs Apps Comparison (FG SQUARED)

    Steve Golab

    Moving forward, apps are the way to go. plugins are difficult to maintain, and require a higher level skill set.


    Follow up:

    Q. Can you add new guides in Jive 7?

    Q. wiki new features?