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    Hello fellow SoCal Jivers,

    Our first SoCal event was a success!  Special thanks to Steve Shultz and Shirlin Hsu from First American Title Insurance company for hosting the meeting and making everyone feel that we were at the White House, Fidel Fernandez for the food and beverages, and Jennifer Erzen, John Cloyd, and Wes Goldstein for organizing the event.


    Also, special thanks to our speakers ==> Bill Lynch for walking us through the Jive Product roadmap and Wes Goldstein for sharing his company's journey through jiveforsharepoint imlementation and adoption. 


    Early in Dec 2012, we formed this user group to discover answers, explore new ideas, solve problems, and develop professional relationships. I believe that everyone at the event took away new tips and learned new ideas/knowledge from the speakers and through networking with fellow Jivers.

    I express the SoCal group's sentiments that we are all very excited in looking at the next release of the Jive platform.  As part of the Jive Champion who attended the product meeting at JW12, the Jive leadership and product development team has listened to our gripes and product improvement requests.  Areas that Jive is focusing on includes improvement in their Mobile app, reporting metrics that Community Managers can truly utilize, integration to SalesForce, CRM and other business apps and other product improvements noted in the Jive Product roadmap in the Jive Community.  So, yes, more to look forward to in the future !


    Now for housekeeping, we are still formulating the SoCal organizer's group and setting up a meeting date/time for the team to review/nominate the officers/leads for this group. Please send me a request to SoCal User Group Organizers if you are interested in volunteering to help lead and organize the events.  Everyone is welcome and we can use a lot  of help.


    For the next SoCal user group event, we still need to identify the date/time, a host, location, and discussion topics.  We had some volunteers (i.e. Mattel Los Angeles- Brad Fitzgerald, Disney Burbank, or DelMar Race track)  at the event to host the next one.  If you would like to be a host, please post a discussion in SoCal User Group and add your company name, address, and a link to your Jive Community user profile.


    I encourage all of you to submit ideas about discussion topics, speakers and event venue/location.  These discussion topics do not need to be polished presentations and can be more informal sharing of best practices/challenges and how you/your company overcome them, etc.  We can all benefit from sharing our experiences and continue to learn from each other.


    Here's the attendee list



    Best Regards,