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    All Jive customers should have an administrator of your MyJive secret support group in AureaWorks. For the safety and security of the data in your customer support group, this administrator will control the membership of your secret group. As a reminder, any current user will still be able to invite a new user to your support group, however, you, as the administrator, will have the sole responsibility of approving those group memberships.



    MyJive Group Basics

    What is a MyJive secret group?

    The MyJive secret group is a place in AureaWorks where customers can file new support cases, store related documents, and participate in projects (such as your community implementation). The group is the best place for you, as a customer, to interact directly with Jive departments.


    Who uses the MyJive secret group and for what purpose?

    All Jive customers have access to their own separate secure MyJive customer group in our community. Your MyJive support group is the best point of contact with Jive and every employee at Jive has access throughout the community.


    How do I find my company's MyJive secret group?

    After logging in you can go to Product & Support > MyJive Group.  If you are a member of a MyJive secret group then you will be taken to it.


    If you are not a member, please reach out to your company's community manager, Jive system administrator or someone else who has access to your group. There should be a person within your company who is responsible for managing access to your secret support group. This person will need to invite you and approve your access to the group.


    If you do not know who your administrator is then please contact your Jive Account Manager or reach out to Jive Software support at 855-778-5483.


    Managing your MyJive Group

    First, request to be made an administrator

    In your MyJive group, submit a support case to request to be made an administrator. The support team will make the necessary permission changes to grant you admin privileges. This request only gives you admin powers in your MyJive group.

    What functions are the admin expected to perform?

    The group administrator is expected to manage who has access to the MyJive group. This could mean approving new users to your group or removing users who have left your company (Jive cannot make these changes for you).


    How do I designate an administrator for our MyJive secret group?

    As an administrator you can grant, or retract, administrative privileges to any member of your MyJive support group. From your support group's "Overview" tab, click on Manage in the top right and then select Members.


    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.15.06 PM.png


    You will then see a list of all users who have been granted access to your MyJive secret group.  To make a member an admin of your group click change next to their role and select "Change Role to Administrator."


    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.17.08 PM.png


    How do I invite new users to my support group?

    Any group member can invite others to join the group by clicking Invite people to join this group from the Actions menu on the Overview tab. 


    Invitations can be sent to a username or email address.  The user must follow the link from the email, or go to Actions > Notifications here in AureaWorks, then click the button to Accept the invite.  All requests to join groups go through a final approval by the group administrator.


    As mentioned, Jive will not approve or add users to a MyJive group. This must be done by an administrator in your company as Jive cannot verify what users from your organization should have access to your secret support cases (or not). This must be handled by your own organization.



    How do I remove someone from our MyJive group?

    To remove a user from your MyJive secret group, go to the group and then select Manage > Members. You will then see a list of all active members of the group. Click change next to their role and select "Delete From Group."


    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.29.06 PM.png


    If I remove someone from our MyJive support group will all of their content be deleted?

    No. Content created by a user is not removed or deleted from the group when their access is removed from your MyJive secret group. Nor does it impact their member account in the AureaWorks community overall. It simply removes their ability to access your MyJive group.


    Will Jive create new user accounts?

    Jive does not register new user accounts. New users can register at '' by entering their email address in the "Don't have an account?" field and completing the registration from the link in the email they receive. Once the user has joined AureaWorks they will need to be invited to your company's MyJive group by an administrator of the group.


    How do I approve MyJive membership requests?

    The MyJive group administrator can approve the new user requests by logging into AureaWorks and going to the Actions tab on the Inbox page at


    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.33.59 PM.png


    Can I be an administrator of multiple MyJive groups?

    Yes, you can be granted administrative access to any MyJive group in which you are a member. If you haven't been granted administrative privileges, please create a case in your community requesting access to do so.


    Can I change the name of our MyJive support group?

    Customers cannot change the name of the MyJive support groups, although Jive support administrators can do this for you. To change the name of your MyJive group, please create a case in your MyJive group. This will allow a support engineer to change the name in all of the appropriate places.


    Other Questions

    Can support group members access my company's MyJive support group?

    All Jive employees have access to your MyJive group in order to interact with you via support cases.


    Where can I find more information about the Jive Support within AureaWorks?

    I'm glad you asked, check out: Jive Support Process in AureaWorks FAQ