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    Tentative Webcast Series Calendar.


    This is the lead generation webcast calendar.


    DateHostPlayParticipantsResources/More Info
    January 24Sales and Marketing ManagementJive For SalesJive
    February 27UBMSocial IntranetGartner, PwC, Jive

    February 27

    March 13

    March 27

    Online Marketing Institute (On-Demand)MarketingJive
    March 26Selling PowerJive For SalesGartner, Good Technology, Jive
    April 3JiveSocial IntranetPwC, Jive
    April 30
    UBM Enterprise 2.0Social IntranetThomson Reuters, Jive
    May 7 (Tentative)JiveJive For Sales
    May 9 (Tentative)JiveSocial IntranetGia Lyons
    May 15 (Tentative)JiveJive For MarketingElizabeth Brigham
    May 29CMS WireJive For MarketingMillward Brown, Jive
    June 4 (Tentative)JiveJive For Sales
    June 6JiveSocial IntranetGia Lyons, Shaun Slattery
    June 12 (Tentative)JiveJive For MarketingElizabeth Brigham
    June 26Demand MetricJive For Marketing
    July 9 (Tentative)JiveJive For Sales
    July 11 (Tentative)JiveSocial IntranetGia Lyons
    July 17 (Tentative)JiveJive For MarketingElizabeth Brigham
    July 30Marketing ProfsJive For Marketing
    August 6 (Tentative)JiveJive For Sales
    August 8 (Tentative)JiveSocial IntranetGia Lyons
    August 14 (Tentative)JiveJive For MarketingElizabeth Brigham
    August 28KM WorldCustomer Service
    September 25UBM Enterprise 2.0Social IntranetTed Hopton (UBM), Gia Lyons
    October 30InfoWorldSocial Intranet
    November 27UBM Enterprise 2.0Jive For Marketing
    December 4Destination CRMCustomer Service


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