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    In order to provide our building security with the list of visitors for the April 24, 2-4 pm (optional tour of McKesson Vision Center after the meeting), If you plan on attending please edit this document and add your information in the table below. If you sign up and can't make it, please remove your name from the list. I will send this list to Security the morning of the meeting.


    There is also an event created - Apr 24 Bay Area User Group Meeting


    Parking is expensive and very limited. There is also a day SF Giants game on this day, so parking South of Market will be $$$. Our office is directly above the Montgomery BART station at the corner of Post, Market, and Montgomery Streets.  Our building security is pretty tight, so plan at least 5 minutes to get checked in - this list will help speed that up as much as we can.


    McKesson, 1 Post Street, San Francisco, CA


    BART Schedule


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    First NameLast NameCompanyMobile PhoneInterested in Vision Center Tour
    JenniferCooperMessage Systems503-809-9822Y
    Albertdella GattaGenentech650-745-5770Y
    ThiaParodiSAP415.686.2945 N
    KateMahoneyWells Fargo