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    Below is Jeremiah Owyang's formal write-up on the forum he ran yesterday (10/14).

    Thanks so much for attending yesterday, I really appreciate you taking your time out of your very busy schedules and travelling  just to attend this event.


    We hit our objectives: found 12 Key Findings  (and so much more), relationship were formed, and I learned a lot more about the  industry I cover.


    The 12 Key Findings
    Although I'll publish a  more detailed presentation later, here are the 12 key  findings:


    Prediction  1: Community will participate in all aspects of marketing/strategy, product  development, and support.
    Challenge: Brands have difficulty managing the  culture shift
    Solution: Develop a business program to create incremental  benefits


    Prediction 2: Brands present and participate where organic  communities exist.
    Challenge: Reorientating the organization to deliver  value to the community first.
    Solution: Brands require monitoring tools,  internal training and processes, in order to deliver value to communities where  they exist.


    Prediction 3: Workstyle evolves as employees collaborate  beyond colleagues to get work done.
    Challenge: Rules within corporate culture  prevent adoption
    Solution:  Develop strategy for internal process  change


    Prediction 4: One identity with controllable multiple  facets.
    Challenge: Industry does not agree what should be portable, and how  it should be, resulting in no trust
    Solution: Despite this being a  prediction, market demand doesn’t yet exist to spur adoption and  innovation

    The  solutions look very thin as one sentence lines, when I send the presentation it  will have more context.  There were many other findings, as well as other  sessions lead during unconference, those will be folded into final presentation  (we didn't get time to get to David's session, I've asked him for notes --will  include).

    Simmer  and Distil
    Although you should take the time to think about this first,  be sure to take this information back to your teams, discuss with management or  board of directors, and think about all these findings.  To be successful, you  should have an internal meeting with your stakeholders to discuss what was  learned, next steps, and individuals you should contact for followup. Don't just  let this information be idle --be the actionist.


    Next Steps (2/2) the  Presentation
    Due to schedule, I won't be publishing the high level  presentation for a few days (but no later than Monday), due to schedule, and it  also gives some me some thinking time to really think about what did we learn.


    Tags #futuresocial08
    I look forward to your blog posts, be  sure to email me, as I'll try to collect them on one post and point to them,  although the tag is also #futuresocial08 for blogs, photos, whatever  else.


    Soft NDA
    To reiterate, the soft NDA is in place, meaning  we're sensitive not to call out any companies or individuals specifically  without first getting their consent (emails are below), everything else is fair  game to discussion and share online, 'cept the chair throwing by those rough and  tumble enterprise guys and gals


    Live Chat Archives
    Mark  Finnern (SAP) and Jeff Nolan (Newsgator) have an archive of their live chat.
    Next time, I'll get a more  represntative attendee group in regards to gender, but to be fair, in some  cases, companies selected the attendees, I wasn't the only decision maker. I'm  very cognisant of this and will improve it for next time. My  apologies.


    Connected by Twitter
    If you want to connected to the  other attendees on Twitter, simply tweet out something with the #futuresocial08  tag, and then visit this page


    Special  Thanks
    SAP is fantastic in hosting this event, making it truly a no cost  community event, thanks
    Thanks to Kenny and the GPJ staff for providing an  excellent ice breaker, taking pictures, and being very  supportive