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    Garbage in, garbage out -- that's why it's important to follow these procedures when you add your wiki win. We want a gold mine, not a garbage heap!

    What's a Wiki Win?

    A wiki win is any positive outcome related to the wiki. All of our wiki wins aggregated across the company will constitute a comprehensive answer to the simple question, "What are the benefits of using a wiki in our company?"

    Big Wins, Little Wins

    Not every win is a big one. The little ones count, too, because they add up. It's true in the marketplace and it's true in the wiki, too. So, list them all!

    Why Add Your Wiki Wins?

    1. We can all learn from each other. Adding your win makes it available for others to learn and perhaps replicate it in their area.
    2. We need to demonstrate the benefits of the wiki. As with every business expense, we are obligated to justify that the benefits outweigh the costs.
    3. We expect to mine the data in the Wiki Wins Database to identify patterns and trends. We'll analyze the data and learn from it.
    4. Finally, it's required . Wiki wins are the most valuable KPI (key performance indicator) we have for how effectively business areas are using the wiki, so each wiki steering committee needs to make sure their wiki wins get recorded here. Wiki wins get reported to the executive team and board of directors.

    How to Add Your Wiki Win

    Each wiki win documented in here becomes a record in the database. To add your wiki win, you need to follow these simple procedures so that your win will be indexed in ways that others can easily find it.

    Create a New Document in this Space

    Click on Create a New Document or select New - Document and be sure to accept the default setting, Write a New Document.

    Title Your Win

    Use this syntax to title your new document:

    Wiki Win: Short Descriptive Title

    Placing "Wiki Win:" at the front will make it easy to identify as a wiki win in search results. The short descriptive title will help people who search or look at tag results to see whether it's a topic that interests them.

    Describe Your Win

    It's not necessary to write a lengthy case study about your wiki win (although case studies would be most welcome!). Here's what you need to include when you add your wiki win:

    1. Describe what you did, including how the wiki was involved.
    2. Explain the positive effect or beneficial outcome. If money was involved, provide numbers if you have them, or make your best estimate.
    3. Indicate who was involved: Division, team and initiator (if applicable).

    Tag Thoroughly

    We're using the tags on these documents to query this database. Without sufficient tags, we won't be able to access the record of your wiki win. So, tag as follows.

    List of Required Tags

    Every wiki win needs tags for these items.


    Use one of the following tags to indicate your Division:

    • (company-specific list of tags redacted -- create your own)

    Add tag(s) denoting the area within your division that was involved. Be sure to use underscores to create a single tag from multiple words, if needed.


    Add tag(s) with the first_name_last_name of the people responsible for the win. We'll be able to filter on those tags to see who's the biggest winner!


    Add a tag for the month (spell it out, no abbreviations; e.g., march) and year (e.g., 2009) that applies to the wiki win. If there's no specific date, use the month and year the win was logged here.


    Pick a tag to represent the size of the win.

    • Big (let's alert the CEO!)
    • Medium (nice job, let's spread the word so others can try this)
    • Small (not what could be called big or medium, but still it's a win!)
    Type of Benefit

    If the win involves cost savings or revenue gains, tag it accordingly:

    • cost_saving
    • revenue

    If it's a "soft" benefit, use one or more of the following, or if these don't apply come up with your own and add them here:

    • engagement (for a win that promotes employee or customer engagement)
    • retention (for a win that improved employee or customer retention)
    • innovation (new ideas)
    • collaboration
    • cross_division (for a win involving more than one division)
    • cross_geography
    • culture
    • efficiency
    • morale
    • time_saving

    Other Helpful Tags

    What other ways could you tag your wiki win to help people find it? Look at what you've written up and add representative tags that reflect what the win is about.

    Publish It!

    When you're done, hit the Publish button. Thanks!