Version 2

    Great article from Mashable:


    It provides some examples of "social media" for the business. I've summarized them below. Please feel free to add what you've done.


    Human Resources

    • Introducing new employees via internal blog or rich profile (At Jive we encourage new employees to create an introduction blog post a week after they start)

    • Employee Newsletters

    • Training

    • Learning 2.0 (employees uploading short videos or podcasts to help colleagues learn something)

    • Sharing of recruiting "Best Practices" across global team



    • Sales collateral - via wiki, or central file store with comments

    • Lead generation - by creating a presence on LinkedIn or Facebook

    • management communications



    • PR - external corporate blog

    • Interactive newsroom

    • Better Customer Engagement

    • Competitive Intelligence Library (both published & "heard on the street")

    • Thought Leadership - like Clearstep


    Product / Design Group

    • Customer Support

    • Product Prototypes - collaborate in real time with 3D models in virutal worlds

    • Innovation - internal or external platform for ideation.

    • SME "email relief" - create a space that holds pages, discussion forums, blog posts and more to communicate expertise proactively, and to answer questions



    • Requirements/Capabilities

    • Functional Design Documents