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    Part of what I do at Jive is to help potential customers create a doable implementation strategy. I'd love to offer them tips and tricks from those who've gone before them!



    Here's a list I've gathered so far. Please edit this document with your own tips and tricks. Feel free to add your name and/or company name along with your contributions (or not). Also, feel free to debate anything listed!


    • You are not alone. Others have gone before you. Some have been successful, some haven’t. Gaining insight from those people could prove to be invaluable (visit Clearstep to get started).

    • First and foremost, this endeavor is about relationships. If you find someone becoming an obstacle to your rollout, take the time to understand things from their perspective, and then help them understand things from yours. You need as much buy-in as you can get.

    • People can choose not to participate, unlike your other software applications (CRM, procurement, expense reporting, etc.). No mandate will make them participate. You need to entice them to participate.

    • What worked at one company probably won’t work exactly the same at yours. Your culture dictates what will work and what won’t.

    • Starting small is a good thing. It is OK and expected that mistakes will be made. Just make them early and cheaply. Figure out what will and won’t work in your particular corporate culture before deploying on a larger scale.

    • Order hardware as soon as you can. It can take weeks or months to get it.

    • Patience is key. Social media and community are still very new to a lot of people. Both require technological changes, but more than that, they require cultural and behavioral changes which can be very challenging, depending on the organization.

    • There will be people who never really buy in to the value of community and social media. That's ok. There are plenty of others that are willing to try it and realize positive results. The cool part - some of the nonbelievers will convert after they see the values other achieve.

    • Listen to your community and they will help you learn. The users of the site can be invaluable to help you learn what is working and what is not.

    • It's ok to make mistakes. Nobody should expect to get it 100% right out of the gate. Be open to changing what is not working, and you'll be fine.