Version 6

    This document will be used to make sure we've got all the details covered regarding the setup for the RSVP for the Meetup & "Un-Conference" in Raleigh, NC, April 24, 2013!.

    Please feel free to jump in here and add things that we might be overlooking, have forgotten, et.


    Attn: Mason Sanders, Kate Goodyear, Jad Talbert, Marc Rudkowski


    Physical Layout of space

    The room is a large auditorium that can seat about 100 people. There are rolling tables and chairs so we can divide the room up into as many working groups as necessary.


    ProjectorYesIt has projectors on both ends so up to two people can be presenting at one time.  (mason) There are 2 projectors and an LCD in the room but they are all tied in to the same source and there is no way to have multiple sources.  I can scrounge up some table top projectors if multiple sources is a requirement.
    Wireless NetworkYesRed Hat Guest network available in the room
    Flip Charts and/or WhiteboardsAre any of these available or do we need to bring?  (mason) there are not whiteboards/flipcharts in the room by default.  I can locate 2-3 rolling whiteboards.  Not sure we have any flipcharts. (Kate) rolling whiteboards will work, do they come complete with markers and erasers? (i may have been down this road in the past..) (mason) yes we have markers and erasers.
    Extra garbage bagsAssuming we've got a bunch of pizza boxes et. is there anything special we need to make sure we take care of as to not upset the facilities team at Red Hat?  (mason) I will ask facilities, but there shouldn't be anything special needed here.
    ParkingYesMason confirmed the parking garage at Red Hat will be available.
    Food & DrinksPending

    Mark W. to get in touch with pizza vendor. Mark Weitzel what about drinks?

    Mark W. will bring sodas. Drinks are after. At the bar.

    Food AccessoriesPending

    We will need napkins, plates, cups, etc.  Mark Weitzel are these included with the pizza?

    Mark W. will bring napkins, plates, etc. either from the pizza place or from Costco. (I love costco, btw.)