Version 2

    In a nutshell

    Zyncro is an activity stream vendor / microblogging tool similar to The specified item was not found..  You could consider them the Yammer of Spain / South America, they leverage a freemium 5 user / 1gb access model.  They claim to have over 100,000 users, but are most likely counting their free users in that as well.  Simply put they are just groups with activity streams.






    Company Info

    • Founded in 2009
    • Around 50 employees - 20 developers - 2 support agents.  Similar in size to Jive 5 years ago.
    • Sales locations in Mexico, USA, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany


    • Zyncro received (€1.6M) in Series B funding. (2/3/12)
    • Zyncro received $1.7M (€1.2M) in Series A funding. (4/5/11)


    Product Highlights

    • Their product has translations that are easily accessible for 9 different languages, but that only translates the interface, not the content.
    • Easier then most tools to see activity from multiple companies or 'groups' you just enter your credentials and you have access to the other company stream
    • Desktop app that allows you to upload files similar to dropbox / box.
    • Easy to invite others into your zyncro feed
    • Post status updates with images, files and that is about it.
    • SaaS
    • Some very basic configuration settings
    • They highlight Security as being 1 of the main reasons companies choose Zyncro.  Here is their security settings page:



    • Does so little it should be easy to grasp
    • Easy to pull in other users to 'tweet' with
    • Desktop app allows file uploads similar to dropbox / box



    • No ideas,
    • No documents (wiki style),
    • No blogs
    • No projects
    • No polls
    • No bookmarks
    • No structure like spaces
    • No intelligence through recommendations
    • No rewards structure or any gamification elements
    • Very little ability to configure streams, noise overload
    • No permissions other than choosing where to place status updates
    • No 'home pages' so reduced effectiveness for HR / Corp Com
    • No Announcements
    • Profiles are very limited.
    • Apps are very immature - more reflective of our plugins which can only be used at a company wide level



    Great for small businesses and 5 user free teams, not an enterprise solution.  Be sure to take liberally from : Competitive Summary : Unknown / Unlisted / New Competitor Deposition