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Version 298


    Partner Home is the private collaboration and training space for partners only.

    From Partner Home, partners can also access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement Team and engage directly with the Jive Partner team. If you think you should have access to Partner Home, please sign up using the table below. To access Partner Home directly, click on the button below.



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    Don't Have Access? Sign Up Table Below:

    Note: Currently only approved partners can be added to Partner Home. We are not signing up new partners at this time.


    NameUsername (@mention yourself)Partner NameRole

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    Vera Dierv.dierfme AGConsultantYes to permission group APA - FME
    Christopher Hablitzelspymanfme AGConsultantYes to permission group APA - FME
    Julia KösterjuliakösterPokeshot GmbHChief Marketing OfficerAccess Granted
    Patrick RoelandtPatrick RoelandtEngage DialogManaging Director
    Philippe van den NieuwenborghvnieuwenbpEngage DialogPrincipal Consultant


    Still can't get access?

    If you are still having trouble when accessing Partner Home, reach out to: cheryl.bisram & valeria.manchester