Version 3

    We are happy to announce our latest Jive Cloud release. New Jive Cloud networks will see this functionality starting Friday, April 19th. Existing Jive Cloud networks will be upgraded over the weekend starting April 26th. For more information about the rollout, be sure to read the Release Preview in the Jive Customers group. (If you don't have access to this helpful group, you're missing out and should request it!)


    A few things to look for in this release:

    • Making Decisions -- Turn all talk into real business decisions. Users can now mark comments or replies as a Decision, Helpful, or Needs Action. Needs Action allows you to assign content items to yourself or others to review before making a Decision. Content owners can also mark the top-level discussion, document, or blog post as Final. Visual badges for these states (Helpful, Needs Action, Decision, and Final) help community users quickly see what has been decided, assigned to someone, or finalized.
    • Purposeful Place Templates -- Help users achieve business value more quickly with preconfigured place templates designed for specific business use cases. With templates like Deal Room, Campaign Planning, and R&D Planning, place owners are sure to find a template designed for every collaboration use case. Place owners can quickly create a useful place or make an existing one more focused. In addition to useful built-in features, place templates include interactive and customizable content tiles that support specific business goals, and can even bring in third-party content that users rely on to get their jobs done.
    • Bidirectional integration for
      • Deal Rooms in Jive -- The Deal Room place template features out-of-the-box integration with your Salesforce instance so you can connect SFDC opportunities and accounts to bring relevant context into Jive for team members supporting your deal. This integration includes the ability to bring Chatter entries into the Jive group's activity stream, and comments in either SFDC or Jive are synced bidirectionally.
      • Jive data in Salesforce -- administrators can install a Jive Visualforce element within SFDC. This allows sellers to view a snapshot of data from their Jive Deal Room directly within their SFDC opportunity view ensuring sellers can stay connected with the collaboration in Jive.
    • Impact Metrics -- Measure your impact in the community! Individual analytics data lets you know if everyone actually read your super-important post and helps you understand the impact, reach, and sentiment of content you've authored.
    • Theming: Custom Links -- Ever wanted just one more button in the main navigation bar? Now community managers can create a custom button to help users quickly get to the community's most popular or useful pages or even to external links. For example, you could create a Report a Bug button or a Quick Links drop-down menu featuring several URL links.
    • Jive Anywhere -- Now includes a nifty snapshotting feature so you can grab that chart, or image, or other key piece of context from the Web or other enterprise application and bring it into Jive to discuss with your colleagues.
    • Carousel Widget -- Embed rich images and news content into a carousel widget without sacrificing browser performance.
    • Rich content previews in stream -- Status updates have never looked better! Status updates with public web references (web pages, video, etc.) now come with rich content previews directly in the stream!
    • Expanding the Content Editor with a fixed toolbar -- No matter the length of your content, the content editor's toolbar stays pinned while you scroll through your content. Write your next long blog post with the edit toolbar always a click away.

    Modules and Add-ons

    Here are the new or updated modules and add-ons available with this release:

    • New Native iPad App -- Jive from your iPad, baby! Jive for iPad makes it easy to stay connected to your community when you're away from your desk. You can manage your Inbox, scroll through all of your streams, create and edit content, and search for people, places, and content.
    • iPhone App Improvements -- An exciting update to our iPhone app featuring additional content types, access to your custom streams, direct messages from profile pages, and radical performance improvements so things load much faster. Yay.
    • Jive Present -- Now with Android support and CRM integration.
    • Jive Anywhere SDK -- Build custom cartridges for Jive Anywhere to deliver powerful, application-aware extensions to Jive Anywhere that enable users to bring all of the right context from anywhere on the web into Jive.
    • Jive for SharePoint -- A full update to our Jive for SharePoint offering lets you bring documents from SP into Jive, socialize and collaborate on them, and view them in either Jive, SP, or both!
    • Jive for Office and Outlook -- We've added even more capabilities to more closely mirror the collaborative experience within Jive. We've added threaded discussions and the Making Decisions feature so you can mark things as Correct or Helpful right from Outlook. You can also manage your Follows and email notifications from Outlook, Like content, and more.
    • Events -- Events adds calendaring and event invitations to Jive spaces, groups, and projects, and can integrate with Outlook calendar functionality. Events is available for Essentials+ and Enterprise networks.
    • eDiscovery -- System administrators can search the community for the content records of specific users and export that data for use with discovery-related requirements, including litigation or internal investigations. Available for Enterprise networks in the Cloud.
    • Box Integration -- Add or change a document in a Box folder, and see the changes reflected instantly in Jive. Add or change a doc in Jive, and the same thing happens in Box. Whether you’re working in your browser, Jive for Office, your Jive mobile app, or Box mobile app, all files and comments are synced across all systems. Searching is integrated too, so you can easily find content whether it resides in Jive or Box. WOW.
    • streamOnce for Jive -- Allows users to collaborate with non-registered Jive users (for example, an organization's partners and vendors) right from Jive through an integration with Outlook and Gmail.
    • Resonata for Jive -- Measure sentiments (positive, negative, and so on) about content and individual contributions within Jive, designed specifically for externally-facing communities.


    Removed in This Release

    • Internet Explorer 7 Support -- Please note that this release works with IE8 and above only. Users on IE7 will not be able to access the system. For additional details on system requirements, see the online documentation.


    Fixed Issues in the Current Release (April 2013)