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    Although cloud services and offerings continue to make their way into main stream enterprise environments, some customers continue to have the need to upgrade their hosted or on-premise Jive instances.  Once every year, Jive releases a version dedicated to these customers.  This version is the culmination of the current year's cloud releases that are battle tested by our customers.  This checklist is targeted to customers wanting to make their upgrade to Jive 6 successful.


    Learn about What's New in Jive 6

    As with every version of Jive, it's all about the new features.  So let's take a moment to review some of the key topics released in Jive 6 to get your appetite started.


    • Getting Started Wizard for New Users
    • Custom Attention Streams
    • Improved Jive Find Interface
    • Focused User Experiences
    • !App Experiences for Content Integration
    • Jive Anywhere + Cartridge SDK
    • A New Way to Theme
    • Out of the Box - Customer Service Module
    • Improved - Jive for Mobile (iPhone, iPad, and more...)
    • Updated V3 APIs for Automation and Integration


    getting started.pngstreams.pngjive find.pngbangapps.pnganywhere.pngv3.png


    To learn more about Jive 6, it's features, and the upcoming roadmap, we recommend the following resources:


    Learn Reasons to Upgrade

    The fact that you are reading this document says that you are on the right track.  Choosing to upgrade to Jive 6 is not only smart, but strategic.


    • Increased engagement through an improved and streamlined user experience!
    • Improved performance and stability through new technologies and bug-fixes!
    • Leverage the new !Apps and Jive Anywhere integrations first-hand to jumpstart your community!


    Kick Start Your Upgrade

    Now that you've taken your first steps, it's time to get the ball rolling.  As a Hosted or On-Premise customer that can mean different things,


    • File a support case in your support group
    • Upgrade is scheduled with the hosting team


    More details are available in the Hosted Instance Upgrade Process Overview in the Jive Hosting Group.

    • Visit My Account and download your software RPMs
      • You will need to be authorized on your account


    More details are available in the Jive 6 - Upgrade in the Jive 6 Administrator Documentation


    Setup your Communication Plan

    When upgrading your social business platform to Jive 6, it is highly recommended that you proactively communicate to your user-base about the upcoming features and user-experience changes.  Below is an example timeline to take into consideration when communicating your upgrade.  It encompasses audiences to consider as well as possible messages to include.



    • Executives - Those responsible for the success of the Jive social business platform value to the company at large.
    • Stakeholders - Management and/or leads who have adopted social business as an official means of getting work done in their departments.
    • Power Users - Advocates and inspired users in your Jive instance.  People who take initiative, try new things, and learn on their own before you teach them.
    • All Users - Regular users in your Jive instance.



    • New Features - Features in the new version of Jive that are clearly relevant to your user base using Jive.
    • Bug Fixes - Bug fixes that are clearly relevant to your user base using Jive.
    • Best Practices - Insights gained from all customers using Jive.
    • Recommendations - Insights gained from your advanced users using Jive.
    • Lessons Learned - Insights gained from your regular users using Jive. 
      (i.e. what problems did they have, and how did you work around them)
    • Training - Materials provided by Jive and your project team to solidify New Features, Bug Fixes, Best Practices, Recommendations, and Lessons Learned to your user base.


    -30 Days

    Executive /


    Why we are upgrading (i.e. business value).

    -15 DaysPower Users &

    New Features+.  Bug Fixes.  Best Practices.  Recommendations.  Training.


    -5 DaysAll UsersUpgrade schedule.  New Features.  Best Practices.  Recommendations.Email
    Launch DayAll UsersUpgrade status update.  New Features.  Best Practices.  Recommendations.

    Email +


    +1 DayPower Users &
    Lessons learned.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.

    Email +


    +2 DaysAll UsersNew Features.  Best Practices.  Lessons learned.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.

    Email +


    +5 DaysAll UsersNew Features.  Best Practices.  Lessons learned.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.


    +15 DaysAll UsersNew Features.  Best Practices.  Lessons learned.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.Jive
    +25 Days

    Power Users &


    Lessons learned.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.Jive
    +30 Days

    Executive /


    Post-Mortem.  Bi-lateral feedback and support.Jive


    Other resources:


    Organize Your Training Plan

    The following sections will help you devise the most streamline and successful Jive 6 launch and user training.


    Read Jive Upgrade Best Practices

    Learn Jive upgrade best practices shared by customer's like you:

    Ted Hopton

    Creating Awareness Campaigns that Work - The specified item was not found. Ignite Presentation.

    Watch 3:58 to 12:15: How to Engage Customers Through Creative Awareness Programs



    Tracy Maurer : To date, we've always done a series of road trips to help promote and get our users on board (with the upgrade). Ted Hopton and I head to a variety of offices, and schedule on-site training. The times this works well is in a cohesive office with a good office manager or other leaders who can coordinate and rally the troops. Offices that aren't cohesive (i.e. like to do things together) and/or who expect you as the trainer to organize everything are generally not good targets for this in-person approach.


    Megan Truett : Part of our plan is to utilize the members of our internal champion program and create something similar to what Jive has done in a video that introduces the new features of Jive 6 ( They are really excited about it!


    Kirsten Laaspere : My absolute, number one, Best Jive best practice has been approaching training, marketing, and communications on the idea that its not just 'How does the platform work,' it's 'How does the platform work for you.' And when you bring the tool to people's desks in the context of their needs, they will see the use for it much more clearly.

    Help users understand the reasons behind the upgrade, and educate them on how to use Jive by creating a repository of useful tools and resources.

    SAP provides a great example: SAP Community Network Wiki - SCN Migration to Jive - The New SAP Community Network

    profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=9570&size=72Erin Haines : When we upgraded from 5.x > 6.x we toned down our upgrade communications, training etc. We created a few simple announcements that the upgrade was coming (less focus on the 'why' more on 'this is happening here's what you need to know') along with a few focused blog posts in our community just prior to the upgrade that focused on specific things that were changing, that we knew would 'matter most' to our users. There were not formal training sessions, and we encouraged everyone to post questions in the Help Space (of which there was only a few post-upgrade).
    profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=9688&size=72Gary Williams : We positioned it as a release to bring improvements across the board. The key new feature we promoted was the custom activity streams. People like the idea of being able to further carve up their interests. Another thing we did was create a simple page with quick hits of some of the new features; stuff like where's history, and what happened with points (we enabled Gamification in this release).


    Mike Pallia:

    We just finished our upgrade and the INT/test environment and the dry run were very helpful.


    Christine McGuinness:

    As for updating per version upgrades, I can see mapping functions to tags, and tagging help docs/videos to reflect what functions they cover, and when the function changes via an upgrade, searching for the related tags to find the material that will need to be updated.


    Jem Janik : I know we had issues with our very first upgrade long ago so we keep a document in our customer group called the Alcatel-Lucent runbook.  When we request upgrades we refer to it as part of the expected scope of work & it's a table of every configuration we can think of we've changed or anything like custom status level images that have to be put back with links to any case that was involved.  Some items support/hosting takes care of & some we do ourselves.  It's been a really effective system for us such that our last upgrade I don't believe anything was amiss afterwards.


    Best practices are being derived and shared in the Jive Community every day by your fellow Jive Community patrons.  Reach out to the community managers or shout-out to areas like The specified item was not found. for some feedback and insights.

    profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=16242&size=72Ryan Rutan

    Execute with confidence knowing that you have the world's #1 social business company and the #1 social business community supporting you every step of the way!


    Review Jive Video Resources

    The following videos are provided in the Jive Community.  Feel free to reference them to help your users.



    For more information about future video releases, please see the Jive Platform Training community


    Review In-Product Training Materials

    The following experiences are offered in the product to help people learn Jive 6 in-context and as needed.  Below is an itemization of where to look for these experiences.


    Training ExperienceLocationScreenshots
    While "training" is on, Get Started menus are available from the main page.

    Getting Started


    getting started.png
    While "training" is on, in-context menus show users how to create content. (see Documents, right)

    Document Creation



    Brings awareness to custom streams, and provide simple guidance on how to engage the functionality.

    My Actions


    In Jive 6, the Bookmarks and History buttons were moved into the Search box.  This announcement brings awareness to this transition.

    My Actions




    Review Detailed Versions Differences

    Before upgrading to Jive 6, review all the new features and changes so you know what to expect and can prepare appropriately.  Also, reach out to the Jive Community to find others who have been in your shoes before (i.e. The specified item was not found.)



    Review Additional Resources

    The following documents will be very helpful for a variety of resources in your company's upgrade to Jive 6.