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    Based on ALLSTATE: Auto Insurance Quotes - Car Insurance | Allstate Online Quote


    Use case 1. Agent engagement: They run a separate site around basic sales enablement of w2-agents. This works in allstate's case since their agents are exclusive around allstate. If the agents were 1099 employees then these agents could simply be in the intenral instance. The interesting thing about the agent area is that only 2 Allstate employees have access. They use the site to get candid feedback and conversations between agents. It is deigned to be very open. The site admins (allstat employees) will produce a weekly report with the most interesting conversations but they take the agent names out. Those reports go to upper management and leadership in each region.


    Use case 2. Corp Comms: Allstate had an existing IBM connections instance that was all but dead. They had no adoption. The use for it was to drive enthusiasm among a population of internal brand ambassadors who among other things call congressmen and generally help moral. There had been a RIFF and corp comm was looking for a way to take the pulse of the organization. 


    Use case 3. Claims: Claims and claims processing is the majority of the headcount, IT spend, and customer sat. While Corp comm got the internal use case started it was claims that funded it. There is a photo somewhere of a stack of paper 3 feet high that claims people have to know. It sucks and is a huge time suck. The idea behind the claims space is to spread tribal knowledge, best practices, expertise, and ultimately do two things. Accelerate claims and reduce errors in claims.