Version 3

    I had to do this on 6.0 and, at least to me, it was not readily apparent how to do it.  Enjoy.

    Admin Console:  System > Settings > Phrase Substitutions:

    • note the specified "Theme" (by default it is "custom") so it can be later assigned to part of the UI below (System > Settings > Themes)
    • click "View Rules"
    • repeat the procedure below to create the 5 rules using the appropriate parameters:
      • click "Add Rules"
      • specify the following parameters:
        • Rule 1: set "Target"="Value"; "Operator"="Regular Expression"; "Pattern"="\bFriend\b"; "Replace With"="Connection"
        • Rule 2: set "Target"="Value"; "Operator"="Regular Expression"; "Pattern"="\bFriends\b"; "Replace With"="Connections"
        • Rule 3: set "Target"="Value"; "Operator"="Regular Expression"; "Pattern"="\bfriend\b"; "Replace With"="connection"
        • Rule 4: set "Target"="Value"; "Operator"="Regular Expression"; "Pattern"="\bfriends\b"; "Replace With"="connections"
        • Rule 5: set "Target"="Value"; "Operator"="Regular Expression"; "Pattern"="\b \/ Connections\b"; "Replace With"=""
      • click "Save"
      • repeat for each rule

    Verify that the following entries are in the Phrase Substitution Rules Table:

    TargetOperatorPatternReplace With
    VALUEREG_EX\b \/ Connections\b

    Admin Console:  System > Settings > Themes:

    • under "Global Theme Map"
      • select specified Theme noted above (System > Settings > Phrase Substitutions)
      • click "Set Global Theme"