Version 2

    For more information about downloading  the mobile plugin, please see the Jive Mobile Module download page.


    Jive Mobile Plugin and Jive Core Version Compatibility

    Mobile Plugin 6.0.6 is compatible with Jive 6.0.0 or later.

    Note that this plugin requires a connection to the Jive Mobile Gateway.  A fully on-premise plugin will be released for Jive 6.0.1+ in Q1 '13.


    Please refer to the Mobile Plugin / Jive Present Version Compatibility Matrix for more details.


    Notable Changes in Jive Mobile Plugin 6.0.6

    • Multiple bug fixes for Jive Present integration
    • Fixed a problem where place names were not being auto-completed when configuring the mobile home page on Jive 6.0.1 instances
    • BlackBerry 10 devices are now redirected to the mobile interface when mobile client redirection is enabled