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    Who has access to a project?

    A project can either be open to your entire network or private, meaning that you can restrict who sees tasks within the project. You can edit the type of project by clicking on the little gear icon by the project name, then clicking "Edit Project". You can also restrict who can edit tasks within the project by clicking on "Advanced Setting" in the "Edit Project" window.


    How do private projects work?


    Private projects (vs. "Open" projects) are designed to hold tasks you don’t want your entire network viewing. Private projects, and the tasks within them, cannot be seen by users who have not been invited to the project. This includes network admin.


    Should you wish to assign a task within a private project to someone who has not been invited to it you can. They will only be able to see and edit the task assigned to them; other tasks will be invisible. This does not apply to followers.

    Only people who have been invited to a private project can see all tasks and create new ones. If someone has a task assigned to them but is not part of the project, they cannot create, view or edit other tasks in the project.


    If a project (private or open) is locked, tasks can only be edited by their creator, people assigned to them, or the creator of the project, regardless of user or admin status in the network.


    How do I invite someone to my network?

    To invite someone to join your network, simply click on the "+" symbol next to the People list and type in their email address.

    • If you're the administrator of the network you don't need to do anything else except wait for the new user to accept the invite.
    • If you're NOT the administrator of the network, an email will be sent to the admin asking them to validate the invitation before the new user can access to the network.


    How do I delete someone from my network?

    As long as you are the administrator of the network, you can delete a user from the web app by clicking on the little gear icon at the right of their username in the People section of the left sidebar.

    How do I edit admin rights of a user in my network?

    • Click on the little gear icon next to the user's name
    • Select "Set as admin" or "Unset as admin"


    How do I cancel an invitation to join my network after it has already been sent?

    • From the web app, open the invitation window by clicking on the "+" symbol in the the People section of the left sidebar
    • Click the "Pending Invites" tab
    • Click "revoke" to cancel the invite or "resend" if the recipient never received the email (and have them check their junk mail or spam folder)


    Can I disable the network auto-join feature?

    When an admin builds a network via a corporate email address (ex., it makes it so that anyone with the same email domain will automatically become member of the network when they sign up for Producteev. If you wish to disable this auto-join feature, please create a discussion in Producteev community discussions.


    Assignees, followers...what's the difference?

    The assignee is the person(s) who is responsible for completing a task, while a follower(s) is someone who is interested in the status of a task and receiving notifications when action is taken on the task.


    How do I restrict anyone from editing tasks of a project?

    To make it so that tasks can only be eddied by their creator, assignees or admins of the project, hover over the project in the left sidebar of the web app, click on the little gear icon and select “Edit project.” From this window, click on “Advanced setting” and select “Locked.” Save the project changes and you’re all set.

    What notifications are sent from Producteev?

    Assignees of a task are notified on all actions associated with the task. Followers are notified on added notes, due date changes, and when the task is completed. You can also edit what notifications you would like to receive and on what devices as described in Producteev by Jive - User Guide


    When creating a task by forwarding an email, where is the task created?

    When creating a task by forwarding an email to, the task will automatically be created in your default project with the email subject as the task title and the body as the first note. Please note that if your email has HTML in it, it will not convert to a task and email attachments, like .eml files, cannot be opened on iOS or Android.


    What is a default project and how do I change it?

    A default project defines (1) where your tasks created by email will go, (2) which network your mobile app will open to when launched, and (3) where new tasks will be created when added while viewing tasks under your name. To set your default project, indicated by a house icon, hover over the desired project in the Projects section of the left sidebar and click on the little wheel icon to view the drop down options.

    How can I edit/delete Labels?

    To add or remove labels, click on any label next to a task (either in the main task view or the task detail panel). You can also use the shortcut "#" followed by a label name. If the label does not exist, click the "+" symbol in the Labels section to create a new one. To edit (name or color) or delete existing labels, hover over the label in the Labels section of the left sidebar in the web app and click on the little gear icon.

    Can I upload files to tasks?

    Yes, almost all file types are supported. To upload a file to a task, click on the "Add note" text box and an "attach file" button will appear under the type bar. Note that the maximum file size is 15MB.


    Can I move a task to a different project?

    Yes. To change location of a task, click on the task name and you will see the project name it is currently part of in the top right of the task detail panel. You can change project by clicking on the project name and choosing the desired destination from the drop-down menu of your projects.


    How do I move a task from one network to another?

    Tasks cannot be moved directly to another network. If you want a task in another network, you must also move the entire project the task is in. Here's our suggest of how to move specific tasks from one network to another:

    • Create a new project
    • Move the tasks to that project (see instructions above)
    • Then move the project to the network


    How do I move a project to a different network?

    In the web app, you can change the location of a project by hovering over it and clicking on the little gear icon, then "Edit project." Within this window you can select the network you'd like the project to be saved under by clicking on the network name in blue.


    What are the differences between the free and Pro plan?

    Producteev Pro offers Outlook integration, personalized support and network interface customization. For more information on Producteev Pro, go to Free Task Management | Producteev by Jive)


    How do I delete my account?

    We like having you around, please don't go! But if you must, here is what you need to do:

    • Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen in the web app and, from the drop-down menu, click "settings"
    • In the "Edit profile" tab, scroll down and click "Delete My Account"

    What about security?

    What’s the security on data storage?

    • We use the Mongodb MMS backup service which provides point in time recovery.

    Is there security on data transfer?

    • Yes, we use SSL for all external communication.

    What type of encryption?

    • We use SSL for data transfer.

    Any security certifications?

    • We are hosted in the Amazon Web Services data center and, therefore, benefit from their security certifications.