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    Tasks and Projects



    Tasks - General:

    How are items categorized in Producteev?

    Network > Project > Tasks > SubTasks

    • Networks have been designed to let you collaborate with your whole organization. They contain everything (the people, projects, tasks and subtasks) and are the top-level in Producteev.
    • Projects are items that are created to contain a specific item (Ex. Planning for a launch).
    • Tasks are items that are assigned to individuals or groupings of people. (Ex. Please review text)
    • Subtasks are items within a task that may or may not be dependencies to completing a project. (Ex. create text for launch day)


    Assignees, Followers... What's the difference?

    • There are two ways to obtain participation on tasks
      • The assignee(s): the person(s) who will perform the task
      • The follower(s): this person(s) who want to know when a task is done or to check regularly the status.
    • In Producteev, the assignee is the one who has to perform the task when the followers will receive a notification for every new event happening on the task.


    What Notifications Are Sent From Producteev?

    • When you're the Assignee of a task, you are notified on all actions with regard to tasks (due date change, added notes, etc).
    • When you're the Follower of a task, you are only notified on added notes, due date changes, and when the task is completed.


    How Can I Find My Task or Project?

    • You can easily find a known task or project by using the universal search at the top of your window. It will search across all your networks.


    Can I upload files to tasks?

    • Yes, however, note: the maximum file size, per item, is 15MB.

    What File Extensions Can I Upload to a Task?

    • (Almost) All file types are currently supported.


    How Do I Schedule a Task?

    • In the task window:
      • Select "Schedule it" in the due date section:
        • Assign a "When" - this can be a specific date, or you can use the "Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month" option.
        • Choose either "All Day" (Default) or a specific time.
        • Choose whether you want a Reminder.
        • Select the Timezone related to your task (this is set by the browser default).
        • Click "Save" to complete.
          • Note: Once a task is scheduled, you have the option to have it repeat, just select "Set To Repeat" in the Due Date field.



    How Do I Remove the Repeat Function on a Task?

    To remove the recurring attribute, in the task detail panel select "never" in the repeat menu:

    Screenshot on 2013-06-11 at 15.00.24.png




    Tasks by Email:




    How do I create a task by email?

    Producteev includes a feature where you can create a task via email. You need to register each email address you'd like to create tasks from. Those can be registered by going to: Profile > Settings > Emails > Add Accounts.  Once your email has been registered, send an email to: and your task will be created. Remember to use task assignment details in your subject line, (see related: What's the syntax to quickly create a task?)


    • The Email Subject Line will be the task title.
    • The body of the email will become the first note in the task - If your email has HTML in it, it will not convert to a task.


    What's the syntax to quickly create a task?

    On Producteev you can use the Natural Processing Keywords (NLP)  to create a task in a blink.

    Regardless if you're on the web, on iPhone, on Mac, on Android, by email, or on a tablet you can use the following keywords to assign an attribute to a task during its creation.

    • !Deadline (!today, !tomorrow, !DayOfTheWeek, !nextweek, !nextmonth, !6 hours, !30 minutes
    • #Label
    • @Follower (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)
    • +Assignee (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)


    For example if I type in "+Robert Wilson Send the report !today to @Marie Carlson #Legal" Producteev will create the task: 'Send the report assigned to Robert Wilson, due today, with Marie Carlson as a follower and the label Legal.'

    If using "email to task" functionality - This syntax must be entered into the Email Subject Line to work.


    When using Create-By-Email can I designate what project or network?

    The task will be created in your "Default project". Changing your default project is simple: How can I change my default project?

    Projects - General:


    Your project has two options related to Access Levels:

    • Open: An open project is one that is open to your entire network. Everyone within your network may see all details related to that project and its tasks.
    • Private: A Private project is a way for you to restrict who may see, and participate, on tasks within that specific project.

    Advanced Settings - Projects:

    Project participation can be managed in a couple different ways:

    • Unlocked Projects: An unlocked project (system default) is one where all tasks can be edited by any user who is allowed to participate in that specific project.
    • Locked Projects: Tasks can only be edited by the task creator and the administrator of the project.

    How can I change my default project?

    On the Producteev web-app you can select you default project by clicking on the little wheel at the right of a project, as shown below:

    Default Producteev.png

    This default project will define where you tasks created by email will go and which network your mobile app will open when you launch it.

    How do I move a task from on Project to Another?

    On Producteev you can move a task to another project from the task detail panel: (See below.)

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.09.23 PM.png

    How can I move a task from one network to another?

    You cannot move a task directly to another network, you have to move the project from one network to another.
    To move specific tasks from one network to a second network:

    • Create a new project
    • Move the tasks to that project
    • Then move the project into another network.

    Project Move.pngNetworkMove.PNG


    Invitations and users



    Network - General




    What is a Network?

    The networks have been designed to let you collaborate with your whole organization, whether you are part of a non-profit or a Fortune 500 company. In the Networks you can find your Projects, Labels, People, and Tasks. If you work for different organization or also use Producteev as your personal task manager the best practice is to create is to create individual networks per organization,.

    How Can I Invite Someone to my Network?

    To invite someone you only need to click on the "+" to the People list to invite an user to a network.

    • If you the administrator of the network you don't need to do anything else except wait for the new user to accept the invite.
    • If you are not the administrator of the network the administrator will be asked to validate the invitation before the new user can access to the network.

    Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 7.18.59 PM.png


    How do I Cancel an Invitation That Has Already Been Sent?

    To cancel an invite you only need to open the invitation window (by clicking on the "+" close to the People in the left sidebar).Then you can click on revoke to cancel the invite or resend if your the recipient never got the email. Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 7.27.46 PM.png

    Can I Disable the Auto-Join Feature?

    For the convenience of the users on your Email Network. When an account builds a network via a corporate email address (ex. they can make anyone with the same domain automatically join that network, however, disabling it requires a change. If you'd like to disable the auto-join functionality. Please create a discussion in Producteev community discussions.


    How to Delete a User From a Network?

    As long as you are the administrator of the network you can delete an user by clicking on the little gear at the right of the username:

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.26.23 PM.png


    How Can I Promote or Demote a User or Admin of My Network?

    Promoting a User to Administrator:

    • Click on the little gear next to the user's name.
    • Select "Set As Admin"

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.38.51 PM.png


    Demoting a User From Administrator:

    • Click on the little gear next to the user's name.
    • Select "Unset As Admin"

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.39.22 PM.png





    How Do I Set "Push Notifications" for my Android Phone?

    See Step-by-step instructions, here: How to: Enable Push Notifications For Android


    Passwords, Accounts, and Cost:



    My Password Doesn't Work?

    Go here: Producteev by Jive - Forgot Password - enter your email address, you will receive an email with credential reset instructions.


    How Can I Change my Email Address in Producteev?

    Navigate to Settings > Edit Profile. Once you change your email address and click "Save changes," your log in information will be automatically updated.

    Is There a Limit to How Many Users I Can Invite to my Producteev Network?

    Yes, there may be a limit on networks larger than 5,000 users.


    Can I use my Facebook / Google login on the app?

    • When you created your account on the Web or on through the app you should have created a password.
    • You can use the email registered on Facebook or Google and your Producteev password to log on the app.
    • You forgot this password? No worries. You can use the Forgot password page to create a new one.


    How Do I Delete My Account?

    See the steps here: Deleting Your Producteev Account


    What is the cost for Producteev?

    As a stand-alone product, Producteev is free. However, if you'd like to connect it to your Jive Community, please contact your Jive Account Manager.


    For more possible answers, view the Producteev community discussions.