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    Looking for Speakers for JiveWorld 2013 Advanced Community Management Track


    About the Track

    Are you leading a successful 2+ year community? Have you mastered the basics? Are you looking to advance your skills? If so, this track is for you, featuring expert advice from Jive Champions with years of experience making social business successful inside and outside their companies.


    With TED Talk-style discussions on advanced engagement, structure, measurement and open leadership, most sessions will also conclude with break-out workshops, giving attendees the opportunity to explore with their peers new approaches to key business problems.


    If you're a Social Business Guru, and you're wondering 'WIIFMA?" ("What's in it for me: Advanced"), join this track to learn and share with fellow Jive customers.


    I Want to Speak on One of These Topic, What Should I Do?

    If you think you have a story / lesson learned to share that customers 2+ years into their journey would appreciate learning about - we're looking for you as a speaker!!


    I'm looking for speakers for a few sessions below as noted. We're paring up two or more speakers for these sessions (usually at least one internal and one external example). . . So if you're interested in signing up as a speaker . . .

    1. put the doc in edit mode
    2. fill your name in the appropriate slot (and it's ok if I find more than one person for the open slots - I'll confirm later)


    What Does Option 1 or Option 2 Mean?

    I'm not sure if I will run EITHER

    1. User Generated Content in Highly Regulated Industries
      • OR
    2. Advanced Measurement for Expanding / Sustaining Your Community Program



    1. comment below which session you'd prefer to see
    2. AND if you would like to speak (15 min max slot) edit the document and please enter your name in the slot.


    I'll make the decision on which makes it into the session track based on interest and speakers!


    SessionInternal CommunityExternal Community3rd speakerifappropriate

    Beyond Points and Badges: Using Gamification and Reputation to Drive Business Objectives in Your Community

    There's a lot of hype around Gamification to drive deeper engagement, but you really need deeper engagement to drive better business outcomes from your community. Join this session to learn practical tips on how two companies defined their business objectives and tailored their gamification deployment to drive the desires behaviors and business outcomes for the community.

    UBM & Bridgepoint Conf'dSAP

    Open Leadership: Gaining Executive Engagement

    While a great deal of progress has been made in the social business space, executives vary widely in their expectations, priorities and their own engagement. One of their main challenges is having a clear understanding of the business value. This confusion makes it hard for social business teams to make progress in unlocking their share of McKinsey's estimated $1.3 trillion business value potential. Pivotal in a successful social business program is the ability to transforming culture and behaviors. As McKinsey states, It requires role-modeling by leaders and carefully constructed reinforcing mechanisms to demonstrate why change is needed and how it ties to organizational performance. Join this session to hear how two (or three) organizations have engaged their social executives to model a new way of working at the executive ranks within their enterprises. Hear what worked, what didn't work and what would do differently.

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    Advanced Engagement: Growing Your Community Beyond Registered Users and Page Views

    We all know engagement matters, but how do you get beyond registered users and page views? There is massive business value potential that can be unlocked using social for business, to the tune of $900B - $1T according to the recent McKinsey Social Economy report. But that value can only be realized when members are truly engaged along core business processes that drive top line growth or reduce costs and drive efficiencies. How do you find

    OpenMcKesson Conf'd

    OPTION 1

    User Generated Content in Highly Regulated Environments: The good. The bad. The ugly. The FUD.

    We've all got those stories. Personal (or user generated) content is great when you need to engage employees, customers or prospects to innovate or co-create value. And we've all seen examples of when someone really inspired us or others. But we've also seen examples when member posts challenged us and pushed our crisis management / community triage processes to the limits.


    Join this session to hear three brands share their lessons learned on how to celebrate the good and how to manage and engage key stakeholders when it gets ugly.


    OPTION 2

    Advanced Measurement: Proving Business Value to Expand or Sustain Your Community

    Even mature community programs need to keep their eye on proving business value of their existing investments or to help make business cases to expand resources or expand their social business footprint to drive business value in new areas of a business' eco-system (i.e. engage inside, outside and across the enterprise firewall).


    Join this session to learn why measurement still matters in successful communities and the key business metrics that can help you defend existing investments and grow your program into new areas.