Version 2

    How do I import this template into my instance?

    • Download the attached file, unzip it, and copy all the contents into your 'clipboard'
    • Go to the Nitro admin console:
    • Site > General > Restore > XML > Paste and Restore!



    Level 'name'Point Threshold


    Repeatable Active and Repeatable Passive Missions : No Badge Rewards

    NameActions CalledPointsComments
    ACTIVE POINTS (Creation)

    I Created Content

    • Discussion
    • Uploaded File
    • Document
    • Blog
    • Poll
    • Task
    • Bookmark
    • Status Update
    • Message
    • Video
    • Event
    • Idea
    • Comment
    • Reply
    • WallEntry-CREATE
    • DocumentEvent-CREATED
    • PollEvent-CREATE
    • BlogPostEvent-CREATED
    • CommentEvent-COMMENTED
    • DocumentEvent-UPLOADED
    • QuestionEvent-ADDED
    • MessageEvent-ADDED
    • TagEvent-ADDED
    • FavoriteEvent-ADDED
    • ContentEvent-CREATE-
    2Creation of content should be appreciated, but is not 'valuable' on it's own.  Reduced number of points rewarded
    I Create a Social Group
    • SocialGroupEvent-CREATED


    I Took a Social Action on Content
    • Bookmark
    • Like
    • Follow
    • Share
    • FavoriteEvent-ADDED-
    • LikeEvent-LIKE-
    • FollowEvent-FOLLOW
    • ShareEvent-SHARE-
    1Social actions that I take should be rewarded, but at a lesser value then content creation since they are simple and not valuable on their own.
    I Mark someone's reply as helpful
    I Mark someone's reply as answer
    • QuestionEvent-SET_CORRECT_ANSWER
    I Vote on an Idea
    • ContentEvent-VOTE-idea
    Mark as finalMark as decisionMark as action neededActions added.1
    PASSIVE POINTS (Receiving based on value of already created content)
    Someone Replies to My Content
    • Blog Comment
    • Doc Comment
    • Idea, Event, Status, etc
    • CommentEvent-COMMENTED-
    1Someone Replies to my Content
    Someone Replies to my Discussion / Question
    • MessageEvent-REPLIED-question
    • MessageEvent-REPLIED-thread
    1Someone replies to my question / discussion
    Someone takes Social Action on my Content
    • Bookmark
    • Like
    • Follow
    • Share
    • LikeEvent-LIKED-
    • FavoriteEvent-FAVORITED-
    • ShareEvent-SHARED-
    Someone Marks my Reply as CorrectQuestionEvent-ANSWER_MARKED_CORRECT50
    Someone Marks my Reply as HelpfulQuestionEvent-ANSWER_MARKED_HELPFUL25

    Someone Follows Me

    Someone Downloads My DocumentDocumentEvent-BINARY_BODY_DOWNLOADED5
    Someone Rates My ContentRateEvent-RATED-2
    Someone Votes on My IdeaContentEvent-VOTED-idea2
    Someone Votes on My PollPollEvent-VOTED5



    One Time / Badges / Missions  (Badges Needed)


    ActionNameNumber of actions required to earnPoint Reward

    I Create Content


    ** note, content creations are tracked independently, so this mission will be more difficult then expected.  Was hoping for an aggregate, but it is separate. (aka 24 docs created + 24 blogs created WILL NOT trigger this mission.  25 of either will)

    • Work in progress
    Creator Level 1Create 525
    Creator Level 2Create 10050
    Creator Level 3Create 250100
    Creator Level 4Create 10001000
    I Comment on Content
    Commenter Level 1Comment on 510
    Commenter Level 210050
    Commenter Level 3250100
    Commenter Level 410001000
    I Reply to Questions
    Replier Level 12525
    Replier Level 2100100
    Replier Level 3250500
    Replier Level 410002500
    I Mark Someone's Reply as Correct
    Mark a Reply Correct Level 1550
    Mark a Reply Correct Level 225250
    Mark a Reply Correct Level 350500
    Mark a Reply Correct Level 41001500
    I Mark Someone's Reply as Helpful
    Mark a Reply Helpful Level 1525
    Mark a Reply Helpful Level 225150
    Mark a Reply Helpful Level 350250
    Mark a Reply Helpful Level 4100750
    Someone Marks My Reply as Correct
    Correct Answer Level 15250
    Correct Answer Level 2251,000
    Correct Answer Level 31002,500
    Correct Answer Level 4100025,000
    The One200075,000
    Someone Marks My Reply as Helpful
    Helpful Level 125500
    Helpful Level 21002000
    Helpful Level 32505000
    Helpful Level 4100015,000
    I Search
    SearcherFirst Search10
    I Login
    Key to the city10 logins10
    * Hidden until earnedI'll be back1000 logins1000
    I Complete My Profile
    ProfilerComplete profile100
    I Install Apps
    App'd1 app10
    * Hidden until earnedMad Scientist10 apps100
    I set my Avatar
    In the GameSet Avatar15