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    These are the 5 Big Questions you Need to Understand if you want to land a Deal. If not, you will end up talking about features and functions. The Prospect will see all options the same and You will be frustrated.


    1. CBIs: Customer Business Issues

    2. Executive sponsors - Who are they? What do they care about regarding the CBIs?

    3. Deep use cases:  You need to pick one from these: Business+Value+Booklet.pdf

    4. Implementation plan:  What is the timeline? How To Engage Your Prospect with the Blueprint

    5. ROI/Metrics:  What is important to track for Success?

    Problem: They can't articulate their Critical Business Issue (CBI)


    You: "So, what critical business issues are you experiencing?"

    Them: "We want our bankers to collaborate better so that they're more productive."


    Here's the dealio.


    1. They don't have a trusted relationship with you yet. They are not going to share problems with you until they trust that we know what we're doing.
    2. They haven't taken the time to articulate the problem amongst themselves. Forget about trying to articulate it to you.
    3. They already have a solution to the problem in their head. It was likely formed by seeing Yammer or Chatter or Facebook (and soon, Jive!)


    Solution: How to discover their CBI

    People trust information from people like themselves. That's why Jive customer stories are your most powerful weapon. Here's one way to get to the CBI.

    1. "Here are the results that other customers like you have experienced using Jive."


    Screen shot 1.png

    • Shows that we know what we're doing
    • Delivers information from people like them, who they trust more than us at this point
    • Validates any half-formed solution in their heads. (You always want to praise them for any work done so far!)


    2. "Here were their business objectives."

    Example :

    Screen shot 2.png


    • Inspires more focused thinking about the business issues
      • "we spend too much on HR helpdesk"
      • "it takes too long to on-board sales reps - they need to be productive, faster"
      • "R&D duplicates work across geographies - this is slowing down our product development process"


    3. "Which of these customer stories resonate with you?"

    YOUR GOAL: Shut up and get them talking to one another. Or, to you if there aren't more people in the room. In many cases, the people in the room have never had this conversation with one another before. Your job is to simply facilitate and take lots of notes. LOTS of notes.

    4. "How do you do that today?"

    This is a VERY effective way to get them to describe all the pain involved with how they do that thing today. Listen for:

    • People involved in doing whatever it is they're describing - get roles, titles, names, geographies, business units
    • Processes involved - get all points where the process can stall. Does someone have to approve something? Do questions need to be answered before the process can continue?
    • Technologies involved - get how many emails, phone calls, meetings, instant messages are involved, as well as other systems (CMS, CRM, etc.)



    Screen shot 3.png


    Screen shot  4.png


    5. "If you did nothing to change this, how would it impact your business?"


    Love this question. It illuminates even further their true CBIs.



    6. "Who else should we speak to about this?"


    YOUR GOAL: engage more business owners in the initiative.


    Next Steps


    Set the next meeting, either with additional business owners, or with these people again, in which you and your SE demonstrate a custom demo and business case that will knock their socks off.