Version 2

    Location:   Deutsche Bank, 60 Wall Street

    Hosts:  Eve Eaton and Allison Alviggi (Doherty)

    Attendees (in no particular order):

    Megan Halicek

    Ruth Neighbors

    Subbu Natarajan

    Edward Ford

    Ally O'Dell

    Megan Furlano

    Deepa Ramesh

    Mike Fraietta

    Jared Kasmi

    Benjamin Tyminski

    (Ryan Rutan - we gave them all a heads up about the Jive World discount.  Cheers from the crowd!)

    • Introductions:  Name, company, where you are in the Jive journey (unfortunately I was letting people onto the floor and missed a lot of this, but captured some below - feel free to update)
      • Ally, Ben and Jared - Solvay, a chemical company which was just acquired by Rodea (?).  On version 5, getting ready to migrate to Jive 6
      • Deepa - Millward Brown (research company that works with many clients from Michelin tires to banks to Coca Cola).  Their Jive platform is called "Greenhouse".  They have about 6000 people at the firm, 5200 Greenhouse users and about 4,000 active
      • Ruth, Megan H, and Mike - Social Edge consulting, working with all sorts of Jive and potential Jive customers (from banks to insurance to health to student loans, etc.); one interesting use case Ruth is working on involves a company using Jive as an event management tool at a large event taking place next week
      • Edward - Thomson Reuters, currently focused on implementing gamification
      • Subbu - Accenture, focused on the management consulting arm of the company, working on integrating various social platforms, CRM and workflow
      • Eve & Allison - Deutsche Bank, myDB (Jive) has been live for over a year with over 60,000 users, about 25,000 active users a month, currently on Jive 5
    • myDB Demo - Allison provided a look at myDB, specifically focusing on the customizations we did and rationale behind them (color scheme, menus, certain widgets), as well as the engagement/adoption stuff (daily blog of curated content, highlighting Top 25 lists like "most followed" "Most liked", spotlighting active users who are 'working out loud', telling use case stories)
    • Employee Engagment in the Greenhouse - Deepa covered the engagement activities they're focused on in the year + they've been live including spotlighting active users, a widget that collates all of the help/experts answering questions on the main Welcome page (which has cut down mass emails considerably), Hall of Fame for "Gardner of the Week" (active users who are going above and beyond), interview series that give other users ideas on how to stay engaged in the community, senior management engagement - a wealth of information.  Thank you Deepa!
    • Jive Anywhere/Outlook Office conversation - different people are at different stages.  Overall, people didn't find as much value in the Outlook plug in. Edward talked about the success of the Office plugin, particularly for people who collaborate on Excel spreadsheets or other Office products (that Jive docs aren't as suited for).
    • Housekeeping around dead groups and braingstorming ideas
      • Allison talked about what Swiss Re does in terms of running a monthly automated report that tells them which groups haven't had active contribution for 6 months.  They send a series of e-mails to either kill the page or find new owners.  Mike highlighted that sometimes this can be a great way to identify new advocates. (e.g., "Oh, I don't have the time to keep this page up-to-date, but have you spoken to XX?"
      • Mike also talked about using gamification to get people to fill out their profiles; Edward said he's seen this and reiterated that gamification works best when it's focused on encouraging people to do something business-related


    Please feel free to add/edit anything I didn't capture correctly.  Or just comment and we'll keep the conversation going.  THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING!! Good stuff!!