Version 1


       Here is the event recap as I recall it:


    • General Parking and entrance
      • Meeting was well laid out and badging/entrance was virtually trouble free, for those who RSVP. Without RSVP, took a few min to get a badge
    • Cocktail Hour
      • Bingo was a great success and got people talking to others. Needed to spell the rules out a bit better but no one seemed to mind and the objective was met.
      • Lots of good feedback from DTV staff that was there.
      • Not too many "newbies" other than DTV folks.
    • Presentations
      • JCS Presentation was a good overview of some common pitfalls that upgrades have
        • Presented reasons to upgrade now and reasons that may cause companies to wait.
      • Jive (Curtis Gross) Presented on Gamification
        • Lots of good discussion about what Gamification was/does
        • Good questions about results other companies have seen
      • Bridgepoint (Megan Truett) presented Gamification, Bridgepoint Style
        • Megan shared Bridgepoint's installation (Points-mageddon) and the progress since
        • Custom missions and success with Hero's Week
        • Shared a portion of Bridgepoints Upgrade Video
    • Wrap-up
      • Thyda Nhek and Shirlin Hsu thanked everyone for coming
      • Announced winners of the Bingo (but I think the winners were pre-selected )
      • Sidebars occurred until about 9:30 pm and then Thyda kicked everyone out.