Notable Issues in Jive 5.0.6

Version 2

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    New devices can't be registered on Mobile because of an expiring access token that blocks new entries.

    This bug occurs only with instances using SQL/MySQL. Please contact Jive Support for the patch.



    Conversion to document preview times out for large Excel files

    Extend the timeouts for the PDF2SWF conversion step on the conversion node in config.xml (a service restart will be required):



                  <command>nice -10 /usr/local/jive/bin/pdf2swf -s poly2bitmap --flashversion=9 -f -G -p ${page} ${inputfile} -o

                        ${outputfile} -s multiple=3



    The time limit is in milliseconds.

    On the Jive side, if you want the requesting node to keep waiting, set the system property officeintegration.conversion.step.timeout.pdf2swf to the same value as above (120000). Doing so will  allow the step to finish successfully.