Version 4

    Part 1: Measurement: When and How

    If you aren't sure if you are effectively measuring your SBS implementation, then this session is for you. We will explore different techniques for measuring adoption and business value, and look at different interventions to help address specific issues. In part one, we will discuss "what should we measure"?


    Using case studies and examples from the participants, we will discuss and formulate different measurement strategies. Be prepared to leave with new insights and measurement that you can apply to your SBS implementation.


    Part 2: Measurement: Now What?

    The second part of this session will focus on how to extract these measures from SBS and then how to use them to drive success. Learn from presenters and session participants on strategies that have been used to drive adoption. Leave this session with some great new practical ideas for using data to drive adoption. Participants will receive access to a spreadsheet that can help extract data from the analytics module to strengthen your measurement capability.