Version 7




    What does Jive test as part of the upgrade, and what am I expected to test?

    Jive will perform a limited Smoke Test of the environment. Because of the many different ways our customers use Jive we do not perform an exhaustive test of the upgraded environment. Jive will browse to both the Jive URL and the Admin Console to ensure they both load.  We will also verify that all plugins are installed and not displaying any errors in the admin console. Customers are expected to verify that all UAT testing is complete before the production instance is upgraded.

    Can I avoid downtime during the upgrade by making the site read-only?

    Unfortunately, there is no read-only setting in Jive.


    Can I explain to my users what is happening by customizing the Maintenance page displayed while the site is being upgraded?

    Yes! You can set a custom Maintenance page by using the Jive Cloud Admin Tool. For more information please read Uploading a Custom Maintenance Page.

    Minor Upgrades

    What is the process for a minor upgrade?

    Please see Point Upgrade Process


    What is the roll back plan for a minor upgrade?

    A copy of the database will be taken, but we are unable to rollback from an RPM upgrade. For this reason, it is important to review the documentation for the target version to make sure you are prepared to move forward with the upgrade. If you have a local development environment it is advised that you perform the upgrade there before requesting Jive to upgrade your UAT site.

    Will my customizations be compatible once my site has been upgraded?

    Most customizations will require an update in order to be compatible with a new version of Jive. We recommend testing customizations against the new version of Jive in a development environment before deploying.

    How long will a minor upgrade take?

    Please see Point Upgrade Process - Scheduling

    Can my current production data be copied into my UAT environment?

    Yes, this is accomplished by submitting a separate case in the Jive Community requesting a Prod to UAT Data Refresh.  It is a good idea to have this completed prior to upgrading UAT and on average takes about 1 week. For more information please see Hosted UAT Data Refresh Inclusions.

    When can my upgrade be scheduled for?

    Please see Point Upgrade Process - Scheduling

    Will there be downtime associated with my minor upgrade?

    Yes.  The entire process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours or more, depending on the database size. Most communities are within the 1-2 hour range.

    If I give you copies of my customizations (WAR, THEME, Plugins) can Jive Hosting deploy them for me?

    It is Jive Hosting's policy that we will NOT deploy custom code.  We can leave the site in maintenance mode after we have completed our upgrade tasks to allow you the time needed to deploy and test your custom code.

    Minor Upgrade Fast Track Program


    How does a Fast Track upgrade work?

    Please see the Minor Upgrade Fast Track Program Overview.

    How do I request a Fast Track upgrade?

    Please see the Minor Upgrade Fast Track Program Overview.

    My community is live, but we have no customizations; can our upgrade be Fast Tracked?

    We strongly advise against this as there is no rolling back after an upgrade regardless of any adverse impact, and there is no option to schedule the upgrade.


    What is the turn-around time for a Fast Track upgrade?

    7 business days from when the case is submitted.


    Can I schedule a Fast Track upgrade, or change the schedule decided by the Hosting Engineer?

    This option is not currently available.


    Can I Fast Track an existing minor upgrade?

    You can request the upgrade be Fast Tracked on your existing case. The Environment Manager currently assigned to the case will transition the plan for you upgrade and communicate any actions necessary on your part before transferring the case to a Hosting Engineer. After this transition, the Environment Manager will no longer be involved on your case and the Upgrade Project Document will not receive any further updates.

    Major Upgrades

    What is the roll back plan for a major upgrade?

    During Major Upgrades we create new environments to support the newer version of Jive. To roll back an upgrade we simply start the old site and revert DNS to direct traffic to the original site. However, any data created on the new environment will not be transferrable to the old instance.

    Are SAML settings carried over?

    Yes, SAML settings will be carried over in the Test-Run. However, you will have to configure your IDP to allow the new site access.

    My users are showing the wrong avatar, is my data corrupted?

    No, this happens due to local caching on the server. Please create a case stating that your users have incorrect avatars and a Hosting Engineer will address it for you.

    Are any DNS changes needed during the upgrade?

    If you are using the Jive recommended DNS configuration (CNAME) there will be no change required to DNS required. If you are using an A record you will need to make a change. If you are unsure of your configuration you can submit a support case and we can determine your configuration type.

    How long does it take for DNS changes to take propagate?

    Jive cannot control DNS propagation but we do take steps to minimize the amount of time required to propagate the change. Before the upgrade starts we modify the Time To Live (TTL) DNS setting for your environment. For most providers this configuration change will allow systems to be updated by the time the upgrade tasks are complete. Some providers do not honor this configuration change which can results in a delay in the propagation. Typically this is an edge case, but should be taken into account for external communities with a more diverse geographical user base.

    Are there changes to Akamai required?

    This depends on the Source and Destination versions of Jive. For Major Upgrades there can be changes to the Akamai configuration in order to properly cache data in the upgraded environment. During the upgrade the Akamai cache must be expired. If you have Akamai configured for your site you should make sure it is noted in the Upgrade Project Document that is created for your upgrade.

    Will Video work in my Test-Run site?

    No, Twistage libraries cannot be shared between environments. During test-runs it is expected that videos will not work properly due to licensing restrictions. If you have purchased a separate Twistage library for your UAT site we can re-configure your UAT library for your Test-Run site upon request.

    Will my SSL be moved/copied to the new site?

    Yes. As part of the Hosting process we will open a case to coordinate this changeover, prior to Go-Live. For more details on how SSL is affected during an upgrades, see Major Upgrades: Important Notes.

    Will my VPN work on the new site?

    Yes. However, you will need to ensure your firewalls allow access from the new servers once it is added to you existing VPN. Hosting will create a case to add the new site to your existing VPN.

    Are email addresses blanked out on the new site?

    By default, yes. If you use full email addresses for LDAP/SSO and do not wish for this to be done simply make a request in your upgrade case and the Hosting Engineer will skip this step.

    Is email configured on the Test-Run Site?

    No. We remove outbound SMTP servers during the Test-Run process to prevent unintended emails from being delivered during testing. If you would like email to be configured on your Test-Run site you can work with the engineer assigned to your Test-Run to enable that functionality.


    I see a certificate error on the new site after SSL has been setup, is this normal?

    Yes. For more information please see Major Upgrades: Important Notes.

    Will all my customizations be wiped out on Go-Live?

    Yes. Any custom settings you have made to the pre-live site will need to be re-applied during Go-Live as we drop all the databases. System settings and customizations can be re-applied after Hosting has completed their steps while the site is still in maintenance mode.


    Can I still have access to the previous site, post-upgrade?

    No, we are not able to turn on the previous site once the Go-Live cutover is complete. Should you require it, you can request a database dump from the previous production site prior to Go-Live, and restore it locally.