Version 3

    Jive Anywhere 2.1/2.2 features availability

    Minimum requirements: EAPIs v2.1 (v3 recommended), IE8


    FeatureMinimum IE requiredMinimum EAPIs required
    Mark as helpful82.1 (Jive 7 not supported)
    Upload file attachments/embedded images (OWA/Gmail/Drive)103
    Post to entire community82.1 (Jive 6.0.1)
    Invite to group82.1 (Jive 5.0.2)
    Community name and favicon83
    Discussion indicator83


    Jive Anywhere 1.1.x (for IE7) does not support the following features (in addition to the unsupported features in the table above):

    • Threaded discussions
    • Multiple communities
    • Like/Unlike
    • Mark as correct
    • Connect to multiple places
    • Connect to Project/Space
    • Cartridges