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    Dear VITO Xxxx,


    Just as “Social” communications and processes have made its way into the business enterprise, I hope this contact makes it way to you.  "Social" processes such as real-time departmental discussion, subject matter blogging, expert following, activity feeds, listening, rating, and content tagging/sharing are being adopted by the largest companies in the world because it adds real business value.


    EVERY Technology business I speak with has the problem of driving cost effective, timely, enterprise-wide communications for their Support, Implementation, and Sales Channel practices.  When there is a failure to communicate and collaborate, the organization suffers from getting work done - such as...

    • "Silos" of information between departments and geographies that have people solving the same problems over and over again
    • Reliance on Emails and static intranets that prevent people from finding, capturing and sharing - people expertise, content, and community of practice topics


    A growing number of businesses have found a solution; they are turning to my company.  Below are Jive powered -external- examples of a rapidly deployed solution.  (note - you can pick your own references here and reduce the bullets as necessary)


    Through social processes for a business, Jive Software connects people with the flow of activities, ideas, discussions, and documents that are needed to get work done at today's speed.   Can we schedule a time to discuss or see a demonstration of Jive in action?



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