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    Every Healthcare organization I speak with has difficulty institutionalizing relevant, enterprise-wide communication practices.  When staff are unable to connect, communicate, and collaborate, the organization suffers from:

    • Difficulty finding the people, expertise, and content needed     to get work done
    • Inability to easily capture, centralize,archive and share     knowledge across the organization
    • Silos of information between departments and geographies     that have the staff solving the same problems over and over again
    • Medical Expert attrition costs up to $600,000 every     time a new physician or specialist must be recruited, on-boarded, and     trained

    Agrowing number of organizations have found a solution.  They’re turning tomy company, Jive Software, for a powerful and easy-to-deploy collaborationsolution the staff will embrace and use. Consider the following Jive customers:

    • KaiserPermanente:   Thousands of internal Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians are connecting and collaborating on communities of practice across existing department/office boundaries.
    • US Air ForceMedical:   Twenty thousand registered medical staff across 40 globalAir Force Medical Centers and Bases log into their Jive-powered internal “Knowledge Exchange (Kx)” every day
    • United HealthGroup:    Uses Jive both for employee collaboration and forengaging with their customers and the marketplace. See it in action at

    Jive gives you a competitive advantage other technologies simply can’t, by empowering your employees to connect with each other, collaborate, and tap into the collective knowledge of the entire organization. Please let me know if you would like to learn more or see a demo of Jive in action.

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