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    R&D Emails

    Email 1

    Subject Line:  Innovation and Quality through Mobile Engineerng Network

    <First Name>


    Engineering companies like Parsons, Cameron and Saint-Gobain are driving innovation and product quality.  HOW?

    The answer is through their global Engineering Network system.  Key challenges that they resolved with their Engineering Network are:


    1. Engineers globally now can easily collaborate on projects reducing development time while improving quality.
    2. Engineers can actually find information and experts to resolve problems in minutes, not weeks.
    3. Engineers can actually now use Smart Phones and Tablets to get correct answers that are captured for reuse.


    In speaking with Engineers not on an Engineering Network, they express frustration with the lack of relevant information available where they work.  Problem resolutions are not captured in a “Knowledge Exchange” that is  retrievable so others end up solving the same problem over and over, stifling innovation.  Also, a common quote is “Smart phones for work really aren’t smart, I use them to keep in touch with my family..”


    My company’s solution have been proven over the past 12 years at over 800 blue chip companies throughout the world and I’d welcome the opportunity to simply have a conversation on how we can help your engineering teams drive innovation and productivity.   Let’s plan a 15 minute introduction call – or simply call me on my cell phone below.


    Thank you for your time and have a great day!







    Email 2

    Subject Line:  Driving R&D Team Collaboration in a Global R&D Project


    Fist Name,


    I'm following up on my previous email regarding how to increase collaboration in R&D across your company regardless of time zones, get products launched faster in synch with your Marketing, and reduce the development cycle.

    A recent study with over 400 of our customers shows that on-demand content, stronger collaboration, and the ability to work anytime anywhere  increase innovations and time to market by 4%, and increase overall productivity by 15%!


    I would welcome 15 minutes to discuss the advantage my customers are experiencing by improving their employees':

    • Access to the most up to date resources, documents, and presentations, in the office or via any smart mobile device
    • Leverage the experts working on similar projects within the company to minimize wasted efforts, and
    • Ability to collaborate with teams that are geographically dispersed


    We'll follow up with you by next Wednesday to share what our R&D focused customers are doing to accelerate their time to market while improving quality.  Should you wish to learn more beforehand, let me know and I'll send to you a McKinsey study on driving productivity through stronger collaboration.  Also, you may be interested in the webcast Getting Serious with Social Business.  I look forward to talking soon.


    Best Regards,






    Email 3

    Subject Line: What would 30% more Channel contribution mean to your business?


    Hi (contacts first name),


    I am following up on a previous email regarding how we have helped organizations like Parsons, Cameron, Saint Gobain and Toshiba, along with over 800 other Blue Chip companies drive Engineering and R&D productivity gains of 15%.  By enabling answers to such questions as:


    • How can we better enhance our employees to innovate, collaborate, and design new products?
    • How do we align our company vision with R&D, marketing and support across our employees?
    • How do we increase awareness and loyalty from customers and partners?


    That is precisely what we do at Jive.  We provide businesses with a collaboration platform necessary to grow your organization and its profitability.  I would  value the opportunity to spend 10 minutes on the phone reviewing these success stories with you in more detail.


    In the meantime, take a few minutes to view the McGraw Hill Webcast video which will help you to understand how McGraw has changed the way their employees collaborate and share information.


    Best regards,