Version 202

    System properties can be set in the Admin Console (System > Management > System Properties) and allow a great number of fine-grained configuration options which are not available through the user interface. Many system properties with default values will not appear in the admin console. If you do not see your system property in the admin console list, you can add it to override the default value.

    4.0.1 System Properties reference

    The specified item was not found.

    For LDAP system properties, refer to this doc: Guide to Troubleshooting LDAP/Active Directory Integration


    If the "since versions" column reads greater than 4.0.8, the property also applies to 4.5.




    valuessince versions




    Default Value

    stats.enabledbooleandisables statistics gathering


    default true (<=6.0.x); default false (>= 7.0.x)

    5.0NoCan guest users contribute to content (e.g., comment on) in a user's personal container?  This setting is used instead of the root community entitlements for user container content.  As a result, if Everyone is given only View permission on the root community and this is set to true, then guests will still be allowed to comment on root community content.  In practice, user container content is typically disabled in public, guest-accessible communities, so this setting doesn't matter.






    boolean4.0.0NotrueAllows Admins to disable the functionality of users to create content in their personal containers. Note: this will also hide the content that already exists in these user containers and return with an error indicating that they may have been deleted. To avoid this, the content must be manually moved out of their user containers.
    jive.usercontainer.task.enabledboolean6.0.3NotrueAllows Admins to disable the functionality of users to create content in their personal containers. Note: this will also hide the content that already exists in these user containers and return with an error indicating that they may have been deleted. To avoid this, the content must be manually moved out of their user containers.

    This allows you to change the max number of poll options.  (default is 10)

    Instances may experience performance issues if the max is set above the default.

    admin.wizard.completedbooleandisables the "setup your account" wizard for admin users
    jive.docdiff.byte.limitinteger4.0.2 - 6.0.2the max size of document versions that will be diffed, defaults to 10240 (=10 k), recommendation not to exceed 100k, changes apply immediately
    jive.docdiff.max.byte.limitinteger6.0.2the max size of document versions that will be diffed, defaults to 524288 (=512 k) for Jive 6.0.2 - Jive 7.0.0  Starting in Jive 7.0.1 this defaults to 65536 (=64 k) and the recommendation is not to exceed this limit, changes apply immediately
    docverse.enabledboolean4.0.0-4.0.5controls MS Office hooks
    officeintegration.enabledboolean4.0.6controls MS Office hooks in MS Office connect advertisement (Re: how do I remove built in advertisements?) the "Jive for Office" banner under the Tools page /tools-eapis.jspa. the "Jive for Outlook" banner under the Tools page /tools-eapis.jspa. the "Jive Anywhere" banner under the Tools page /tools-eapis.jspa.
    docbody.maxbodysizeinteger2.5controls the maximum allowed size (KB) of uploaded documents

    Allows only authentication to be over ssl. Any time a user logs in or signs up,

    the form will be sent to https.  Defaults to false.


    For preventing out of office emails from creating replies to thread.

    applied to incoming email subject line, if matches it won't be used to create content.  These values are case-insensitive.

    defaults to  (out of office)|(autoreply)|(auto-reply)|(auto reply)

    checkmail.outOfOfficeBodyRegexregex2.5.28, 3.0.19, 4.0.12, 4.5.3Is not configured to match any terms by default; must be manually configured.
    skin.default.changeEmailEnabledbooleanyestrueAllows users to change their registered email address.  For communities where you don't want users to be able to change their primary/registered addresses, set value to false to restrict access.

    determines whether the from address in new content emails is set to be from the user's full name or their username

    defaults to true

    Note: open bug ticket, currently not working?


    Allows documents to expire; defaults to false. Expiration date is expirationDate field in jiveDocument

    Currently no way to set expiration date through UI

    passwordReset.caseSensitivebooleanToggle case-sensitivity on password reset field (CS-12127). The field is case-sensitive by default.
    jive.digest.enabledboolean4.0YestrueToggle whether or not the system sends out digest emails. the hour at which the digest email should be delivered.

    Default frequency at which the digest email should be delivered.

    0 = never,  1 = weekly (defaults to Thursday),  2 = semi-weekly (Tuesday & Friday),  3 = daily

    Defaults to 1

    When jive.digest.frequency is set to 1, this sets the day of the week it will be sent on.

    1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday,... 7 = Saturday

    Defaults to 5 (Thursday)

    jive.digest.batchSizeintegerIncremental batch size for sending out digest emails.  (for version 5.0.x, the default is 500)

    Sets the compression ratio of content thumbnail JPEGs

    defaults to .4; 1 is minimum compression (higher image quality), 0 is maximum compression (lower image quality)

    implemented in 4.0.4, 3.0.13, 2.5.22

    jive.console.showLegacySectionsboolean4.0When true, show read-only view of legacy permission settings from before your upgrade.

    When false, skips the second two steps of user registration (setup profile and invite others)

    defaults to true

    Note: even when switched to false, the steps still display (JIVE-4460)

    watches.defaultAutoWatch.blogpostbooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for blog posts I create'
    watches.defaultAutoWatch.documentbooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for documents I create'
    watches.defaultAutoWatch.bookmarkbooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for bookmarks I create'
    watches.defaultAutoWatch.messagebooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for all discussions I reply to'
    watches.defaultAutoWatch.threadbooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for all discussions I create'
    watches.defaultAutoWatch.videobooleanSet default value for 'Automatically receive notifications for videos I create'

    Yes < 7.0

    No ≥ 7.0

    Specify the number of months that should pass with no login activity before a user account is automatically disabled. (Set this value to an arbitrarily high number such as 1000 to effectively disable the UserDecayTask). Requires restart.

    "0" works after 4.0.9.  Never use 0 pre-v4.0.9 it will disable EVERYONE

    defaults to 12 months if not set


    A restart is required for these property to take effect prior to JIve 7.


    Yes < 7.0

    No ≥ 7.0

    Set to 'false' to stop the auto-disable feature.


    booleandisplay the "remember me" checkbox in login screen.  Default value is false.
    skin.default.defaultMessagesPerPageintNumber of messages displayed per page for discussions/thread (while in flat display mode, has no effect while viewing threads in flat mode)

    2.5.25+, 3.0.16+, 4.0.8+, and 4.5: setting this to false can help performance problems with the Recent Activity Widget.  By default if the Recent Activity Widget cannot find 25 entries in jiveActivity that are visible the to current user, it will

    the actual content tables for recent activity.  This fall back process is very slow.  Setting the property to false will disable the fall back search, only showing results found in jiveActivity.  If you have users in your site that only have visibility to a small fraction of your SBS instance, you may want to set this system property.

    prevent.problematic.contenttypes.for.iebooleanYesSpecify whether or not to automatically ZIP certain file types uploaded as attachments. "true" by default; "false" has security vulnerability implications (see The specified item was not found. for more details). This requires a restart. at which threshold the Communities/Spaces Widget switches from classic mode to the javascript based display, based on Community count displayed. Defaults to 25
    profile.image.max_widthintegermax width of profile images, but view-profile.ftl must also be modified
    questions.markThreadAsQuestionByDefaultbooleanall versionsSpecify whether or not discussions should be created as Questions by default
    people.filter.term.thresholdinteger4.0+The dropdown fields on the Browse > People page for custom profile fields have a limited size for performance reasons.  This system property allows you to adjust that limit.  Defaults to 200. the number of entries being displayed in the recent activity viewer on the people page. of 'alphabetic', 'status' or 'online'all versionsAlter the default order for displaying users on the /people page.  By default, users are sorted by join-by date, newest to oldest.  Setting the property to alphabetic sorts users by First Name or Username, depending on visibility.  Status sorts users by their status level.  And online sorts users by whether they are currently online or not.
    invitations.system.enabledboolean4.0, 4.5When TRUE, enables "invite user" functionality.  When FALSE disables "invite user" functionality in UI and user wizard.
    invitations.max.countintegerSets limit on number of space/group invites that can be sent over a specified time period set (default 50). Jive 6 default is 1000, but upgrades will keep the same property value.
    invitations.max.count.periodintegerSets the period over which the maximum invitation count is enforced in milliseconds (default 8640000, or one day)


    always, never, noreplies, timewindowif timewindow, also set messageEdit.timeWindow sys prop.

    for details, see ForumMessageEntitlementProvider.handleEdit


    Open bug:  if you specify "never" as the edit policy, you cannot tag a message.

    messageEdit.timeWindowintegertime in minutes that the edit window is open
    jive.resources.combineResourcesbooleanEnable / Disable packaging of javascript files. should be true in production environments to minimize http requests.


    flagallAllow usernames to contain embedded whitespace.  False by default.
    jive.container.category.maxintegercontrols the number of categories per container, default=25 (The specified item was not found.)
    watches.emailNotifyEnabledflagallwhen true (the default), email notifications are handled normally.  When false, the application doesn't send out email notifications, regardless of user preferences.  I don't believe this affects weekly digests, however.
    passwordReset.enabledflagAllow users to reset their own password value.  True by default.

    Controls frequency of the Open Question Monitor emails. Defaults to 4 (Hours) usernames to case insensitive when true
    ldap.usernameFieldstringallthe LDAP name to be used to sync the username restart required.

    Forces external links to open in a new browser window. On pre-6.0 instances, this must also be set at Spaces > Settings > Filters and Macros > URL filter > Open Links in New Window

    *Only affects content created or edited after the system property is added.*

    thread.allMessageActions.messageLimitinteger100The maximum number of messages in a thread that can be displayed in threaded mode; threads with more messages can only be displayed in flat mode. This also sets the maximum number of messages in a thread where you have the option to "View as PDF"
    jive.default.comments.paginator.thresholdintegerall100The maximum number of comments on a content item that can be displayed in threaded mode. Content items with more comments than this threshold will only be displayed in flat mode.  Defaults to 100. As of Jive 9.0, this also controls the number of items returned in a REST API call.
    spring.userDataSynchronizationTask.cronExpressioncron expressionYesIf you've chosen to do a daily sync with LDAP/AD, this it the chron expression that controls when the sync runs.  By default, it runs at midnight each night. Jive uses Quartz Scheduler and the cron format is based on Quartz Scheduler | Documentation | Quartz 1.x Tutorials: crontrigger.   Build a cron expression for Jive using this great tool: CronMaker whether or not the search on the People page will search for phonetic matches as well as exact matches.  Defaults to true.
    skin.default.commentThreadMode'threaded', 'flat'4.5Controls whether or not blog and document comments are threaded or flat by default. Note that this only applies to new users. Current users will need to update the setting in their profile.
    globalRenderManager.IPhoneImageFilter.defaultMaxWidthinteger4.5Due to JIVE-4606, this can be used to change the thumbnail size for images inserted into documents and blog posts.
    registration.domainRestriction.enabledbooleanStep one in enabling domain restrictions for emails used in self registration. Set to 'true' to enable.
    registration.domainRestriction.domainsstringStep two in enabling domain restrictions for emails used in self registration. Provide a comma separated list of valid domain names such as ",,".
    registration.domainRestriction.companystringStep three in enabling domain restrictions for emails used in self registration. Set to the company's primary domain name. This is not functionally significant - it is only used in an instructional message to the user ("Your email address must be a valid <property value> email address.)"
    watches.document.buffertimeinteger4.5The period (in seconds) during which no additional watch notifications will be generated when a document is edited.  (E.g. by default, if a document is edited at 10:00am and again at 10:04am, only the first email notification will go out because the second edit is within the watches.document.buffertime.)  Default is 600 (10 minutes).
    search.results.groupByThreadboolean4.5Groups messages returned from Lucene by thread, as a single result.
    search.analyzer.en.stopWordListstring4.5List of stop word for search. Once this system property is set the default list is overridden. as watches.document.buffertime, but for 5.0 notifications.
    search.attachmentsEnabledbooleanControls whether the content of uploaded and attached files are indexed or not
    watches.buffertimeinteger4.5Same as watches.document.buffertime, but for all other content types.  Default is 60 (1 minute). as watches.buffertime, but for 5.0 notifications.
    forgot.username.enabledbooleanenables "I forgot my username" link on login page the cookie on/off (default=true)
    jive.primary_community_managerinteger4.5userid of user used for the primaryCommunityManager in message templates
    jive.breadcrumb.legacyboolean5.0.0.0Enables the traditional breadcrumb vs. the new breadcrumb (default false)
    favoriting.external.enabledbooleanEnables external URL bookmarking (default setting). Use false to disable, especially in the case of unwanted spam.
    favoriting.enabledbooleanEnables internal URL bookmarking (default setting). Use false to disable.
    spring.rememberMeServices.tokenValiditySecondsintegercontrols the time in seconds for the Remember Me tick box. Default is 2 weeks = 1209600, 1 day = 86400. Changing this requires an application restart. For the user it takes effect after that with a browser restart. **Note: the Remember Me functionality will keep a user logged in as long as the token is valid and the user does not logout; this setting will not auto-populate the login form data.




    'detail' or 'card'

    Defaults the item view per browse view. A users preference overrides this default setting. Note users created before this property was implemented will still have the setting they had before.

    If these system properties are not added default with be thumbnail view.

    welcome.pageboolean5.0By default, Jive 5 does not display the widgetized front page / homepage.  Setting this property will re-enable that page.  Does not require a restart.
    jive.cookies.secureboolean4.5.6, 5.0.0When true, set the "secure" flag on cookies. Requires a restart to take effect.
    jive.feature.projects.disabledboolean4.5.5.0, false, when true disables creating projects in all spaces.


    boolean4.5.5, 5.0.0Default true, When set to false this removes the confirmation screen where users can change username and password upon logging in for the first time with LDAP created accounts.
    activity.delete.weeksinteger5.0Default is 1.  Sets the period of time (in weeks) that the jiveActivity table will hold activity data, before 'purging' it. is false.  For internal Jive communities, this is the default user preference for new users designating whether they want to be email notified with Notifications from the Actions page. is false.  For internal Jive communities, this is the default user preference for new users designating whether they want to be email notified with Actions Alerts from the Actions page. is true. For internal Jive communities, this is the default user preference for new users designating whether they want to be email notified with Moderation Alerts from the Moderations page.
    notify.moderation.queue.notifications.external.default.preferenceboolNotrueDetermines if email is sent to notify a moderator of item in their moderation queue. This is for new user and existing user who have not set up their preferences.


    Note that this is for EXternal communities. The above notify.* internal properties also have a similar external version. Refer to FAQ: Configuring and Troubleshooting Email Integration for more detail


    NotrueCommunications page preference
    notify.action.alerts.notifications.external.default.preferenceboolNotrueNotifications in my actions page preference
    notify.action.queue.notifications.external.default.preferenceboolNotrueAction alerts in my actions page preference Social Actions preference


    booleanNofalseDefault is 'false'.  Setting it to 'true', will clean out all unused tags from the Tag Cloud (jiveTagCloud table) and reset it back to 'false'. Prior to 8.0.2 (JIVE-51281), the "Tag Cloud" cache needs to be cleared manually. Note: However this does not remove it from the jiveTag table. So while they won't appear in the Tag Cloud, they can still be searched for when searching for a Tag. So until Improvement JIVE-50370 is addressed as well, there is no way to clean up the Tag Search results too.
    jive.sync.ldap.mergelocalboolean5.0A magical system property that transmutes local users into federated users.  In short, if enabled, any local users found with a matching username or email address will have their accounts marked as federated.  In addition, their name (first, last, and full) and email/username (if either doesn't match) will be set by the federated account.  A user property called "jive.sync.ldap.mergelocal.username" will be added to their user record in case their username changed (for example, if they matched email address but not username).
    auth.lifetimeinteger6.0User authentication duration (time before timeout) in minutes (default 30mins)., 6.0.2Number of naming exceptions allowed before the lastRun ldap sync timestamp is not written, forcing those ldap records to be included in the next daily sync.  If the directory sync process is consistently encountering naming exceptions for certain records, upping this threshold may help at the risk of ignoring the problematic records.  Default is "0" is false. If it is set to true, all outgoing mails will be sent with the default system email address as sender address. ("Send email to group" uses the author's email address for instance). is false. If it is set to true, all outgoing mails will be sent with the default system name as sender name.
    onboarding.enabledboolean6.0Enables the "Getting Started" wizard for new Jive users


    Enables the tips that are displayed for new Jive users. The property doesn't work in 6.0.0 due to a bug and has been fixed for 6.0.1 (Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.1). This has been replaced with "tips.enabled" in Jive 7+
    tips.enabledboolean7.0+Enables the tips that are displayed for new Jive users. This property only works in Jive 7.0+
    spring.analyticsETLTask.cronExpressionstring5.0Yes0 0 2 1/1 * ? *

    Use CronMaker to generate the cron job expression for this system property value. Schedule kick off of analytics data load - ETL- process at 3am everyday. Default is 2AM local to your server. From Re: ETL Settings Management  Restart Required.



    default true

    Sets default email prefs for new users (Comms / Inbox).


    default true
    Sets default email prefs for new users (Action Alerts).


    default true
    Sets default email prefs for new users (Action Notifications). the URL of the Jive Help link in the drop-down menu under username.  This makes the change for Standard Users documentation. the URL of the Jive Help link in the drop-down menu under username.  This makes the change for Admin Users documentation. disables the Help link in the navbar drop down
    skin.default.landingpagestring5.0Sets the default landing page for all users.  Once set, this only works for new users or ones who have not specified their own preferred landing page. You can use in any version "/activity", "/overview" for 5.0 or "/welcome" for 6.0 and 7.0 (without quotes).
    browse.content.bodysnippet.lengthintegerChanges the number of characters displayed (including trailing space and ellipsis) on browse cards, /content, etc.  (and possibly elsewhere).

    Sets the maximum number of custom streams allowed per user. The default value is 9

    Also requires setting max-stream-count in core.json on EAE server.

    Increasing custom stream count beyond 10 is an untested and unsupported configuration.

    If you are a jrebel user and find you have to restart to see javascript changes setting this system property to your static resource area will alleviate this symptom

    solution.activestring6.0?internal or external
    override.HistoryLinkConfiguration.isVisibleboolean6.0?Use when is external and you want HistoryLink functionality in dropdown
    override.WelcomeConfiguration.isSimplifiedVisibleboolean6.0?If is too much, you can use this one to make just the home page simple.
    skin.default.usersChooseHomepagebooleannotrueEnable/Disable the "Set as Home" feature and removes the little Pin that allows users to set their own Landing Page.
    tips.enabledboolean6.0notrueDisable tool tips such as the "Say something" bubble for new users.

    Changes the default sorting mechanism in Browse People

    • creationDate
    • username
    • name
    • lastName
    • statusLevel
    • relevance
    • dateJoined
    html.widget.safemode.enabledboolean5.0.5notrueSetting to false will let HTML Text Widget's that have JavaScript be rendered inline as opposed to the default iFrame.
    html.widget.strip.javascriptboolean6.0.1nofalseSetting to true will strip all JavaScript from every HTML Text Widget (and then render inline) regardless of their entitlements.
    jive.htmlwidget.cleansejavascriptboolean4.0.6notrueSetting to false will stop Jive from stripping out JavaScript in HTML Widgets for non-system administrators. the use of static resources. This includes the "Manage Files" area for HTML/Formatted Text Widgets and images in the Slideshow Carousel Widget. the max # of static files allowed for a Space, Group or Project. These are the files uploaded to "Manage Files" button seen in HTML and Formatted Text Widgets.
    jive.statics.{objectType}.{objectID}.maxCountinteger6.0noSimilar to how works, this allows you to specify a maxCount for an individual place vs globally. Just replace {objectType} with 14 (Space/Community), 700 (Social Group) or 600 (Project) and swap {objectID} with the ID of that place. An example for this Jive Plugin Developer Space, it would look like this jive.statics.14.2068.maxCount. (kb)this allows you to specify a maxSize allowed.
    relationship.settings.availableboolean6.0noAllows the user relationship page to render in the admin console
    jive.webrobots.patternsnewline-delimited text

    Affects whether an Agent is determined to be a robot (spider) or not.  Default:

    jive.delegatedsso.http.protocol.content-charsetString7.0.0noISO-8859-1Delegated SSO will send user credentials in Western Euro Char set (ISO-8859-1) unless otherwise specified.  Can change this to UTF-8 or other ISO-8859 MIME type.
    feeds.dccreator.enabledbooleannoSetting to true will show the Username or First/Last depending on the users' Privacy Settings, but setting to False will display the Email Address instead.
    secure-json-requestsbooleannotrueThis is disabled by default for security reasons, but you can set this to false to enable the use of JSON feeds. Then you can access them by simply appending /json to any RSS Feed URL.
    login.modal.enabledbooleanDisables the login modal when clicking on the login link
    outcomes.enabledboolean7.0.0.0notrueDisable structured outcomes feature.
    outcomes.types.restrictedboolean7.0.0.0nofalseEnables the "Mark Actions" Home Page Permission for Structure Outcomes.
    skin.default.usersChooseLocalebooleannotrueDisables the ability for users to select Locale and Language under their User Preferences.


    Not 8


    Allows you to change the valid list of top level domains allowed for email addresses

    Default value: com|net|org|edu|int|mil|gov|arpa|biz|aero|name|coop|info|pro|museum|mobi|cat|jobs|asia|tel|travel

    jive.blogs.max.contributorsintigerno100Determines the number of content authors to be displayed in the drop-down for "Filter Blog: By Author"
    widget.rssfeed.connectTimeoutintnoAlter the timeout for the RSS feed widget
    externalLogin.visibleProvidersint4Number of external login providers to display on the login page. NB: this does not affect the interface in the Admin Console, which will continue to say that four will be used, regardless of the actual value.
    jive.user.usernameIsEmailbooleannofalseControls whether or not a separate username can be set or if it will always inherit the email address instead.
    user.rebuildIndexbooleanDetermines if the user is presented with the "Warning: Some options that control field searchability or visibility have changed, visit the User Search page and rebuild the index." message on the Profile Field Settings screen in the admin console.
    jive.shared.groups.maxmembershipintno20Controls the maximum limit of Externally Accessible Social Groups that an External Contributor can be a Member to simultaneously. System Property was pulled from
    profile.image.max_pixelsintno204800Maximum size of profile images, in pixels. Default is 320x640 = 204800. You may need to increase this if your LDAP sync fails due to profile images being too large.
    __jive.cmr.realtime.enabledbooleanfalsereflect ETL result in CMR in realtime
    __jive.wallentry.character.maxintno420max number of characters allowed in status update