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    More Powerful, Farther-Reaching Microblogging@mentioning can now be used all over the community, including in the Rich Text Editor. You can use it not only to direct traffic to people’s Communication page or email inbox (where it gets delivered is based on each individual's personalized settings), but also to link to places and documents others are following. Type the beginning of a document title or place after the @ to pick a document or place, then select the person/place/content from the dropdown list that appears.
    Defined - ActionsThe Actions page shows prompts such as approving group members, notifications in the community, and task items related to projects you’re involved in.
    Defined - ActivityThe Activity page that shows all public community activity. It can be filtered to show your followed activity, or only status updates. This is also where recommendations from Jive Genius are surfaced.
    Activity StreamThe main activity stream shows EVERYTHING that is happening in the Hub. The view will be filtered to include only what you have permission to see, of course.
    All ContentSee Home Page
    AnnouncementsNow surfaced as items in your Inbox for System announcements and places you follow, as well as in banners for the site or the announcement space/group, and in the right sidebar of the main and custom activity stream pages.
    AppsAn entirely new area that allows you to install Jive-created or third-party productivity apps that can hook into your community information. Apps are purchased from the Jive Apps Market.
    BookmarksNow accessed from within the search bar in the page header. Place your cursor into the search bar to see both this and your history.
    breadcrumbsBreadcrumbs now use a drop-down menu for navigation rather than a detailed path, to avoid clutter.
    Get More Out of Browsing with FiltersWhen browsing for content, people, places, or bookmarks, you can now filter by many different criteria in addition to type-as-you-go filtering.  You can even use multiple filters for very specific results.
    browsersIE 6 support has been discontinued. All versions of Internet Explorer  above v7 will be rendered using the  most modern rendering engine (currently v.8 as v.8, and v.9 as v.9).
    categoriesOn Content pages within a place, Categories now display to the left of the browse lists if present, in the column above the Actions menu.
    Defined - What Matters: CommunicationsThe central “inbox” page where you can see the activity that’s most important to you:  replies, direct mentions, messages, and content shares--plus any activity you decide needs tracking closely (click Track in Communications in the Actions menu for any item).
    Community Activity widgetThe Community Activity widget has been replaced by the Activity page.
    CreateCreate replaces “New” as the way to start new content, tasks, or places
    How-to: Direct Messages and Private DiscussionsDirect messages are the preferred way to communicate privately in Jive 5. They’re visible only in your activity stream and don’t need to involve email unless you enable email notification for them in Preferences under your name.  Send a direct message using the Create menu.
    How-to: Changing Your Email Notifications and Preferences

    You have much more control over how much email you get in Jive 5.0. For example, you can choose to get email about everything you’re following; only about direct messages, shares,and @mentions; get a daily or weekly email digest with a summary of your activity (not the full text); or you can even  choose to read everything directly in the community, getting no email at all. Click Preferences under your name to see all the options.

    If you set email notifications on an item in a previous version, you are now following that item. Your email notification settings determine whether that results in email.

    file previewerA built-in ability to preview a file attachment or uploaded file. This is designed to work with PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. It does not work perfectly for all files - Known limitations to Inline Document Preview. If you encounter additional issues not listed in that file, please report them so we can investigate and update the list.
    Get More Out of Browsing with FiltersWhen browsing for content, people, places, or bookmarks, you can now filter by many different criteria in addition to type-as-you-go filtering.  You can even use multiple filters for very specific results.
    Connecting to People in Your CommunityFollowing works the same way as in previous versions, but whether you’ll be notified by email about all activity you’re following depends on your email settings in Preferences. Followed activity is tracked in your Activity page by clicking Followed.  To see who you’re following, click your name and then the People tab. Following has replaced watching items and setting email notifications on them. Anything you were watching or being notified about in an earlier version is now followed. Guest users can now see following relationships between other users.
    Groups VideoGroups and spaces are still distinct in terms of their permissions structure, but both are now displayed as Places. Some widgets have been modified or discontinued. See Widgets.
    historyHistory has become a powerful search tool that’s sorted by Content, Places, and People and can be further filtered using filters similar to the Browse menus. This is now a great way to find activity you’ve seen before but can’t remember the details about.
    Home PageThe Your View personal home page has been discontinued. You now see all your you-centric activity in the What Matters pages: Communications, Activity, and Actions.
    Jive Apps MarketSee Apps. Jive Apps Market is where you can see and purchase apps for yourself.
    Jive Genius Recommendations for YouThe smart engine that recommends people, places, and content to you based on the type of activity you tend to follow, your place in the org chart, and the popularity of the activity.  Jive Genius drives the Recommended By and Matters Most recommendations on your Activity page, and also suggests relevant or popular activity when you browse.
    Defined: LabelsYou can now use labels and color-coding to create targeted lists of people  you follow. You can then use these lists for messaging and filtering. Go to Browse > People  to create a label: click the icon next to the Following button in your list of Followed people to apply or remove labels.
    MicrobloggingSee status updates
    Mobile AppThe Mobile iPhone app will not be supported for 5.0, but soon after 5.0 is released, the cross-browser Mobile version of Jive (already supported for v4.5.6) will be available for 5.0 users.
    NewThe New menu has been replaced by Create.
    New User SupportClick the information icons in Activity and Communications to see a pane with quick tips for managing those interfaces. Continue browsing the topics covered in the Hub Help space, especially 10 set-up tips for newbies.
    personal (and private) content

    You have the same options for private and personal content as in version 4.5.

    • How-to: Direct Messages and Private Discussions

    You can browse groups, projects, and spaces as Places. A new context-aware Place Picker lets you create content in the place where you are, or browse different kinds of places to save your content. You can use the picker to drill down into subspaces.

    Hub Spaces and Groups - the differences and similarities

    Print PreviewPrint Preview has been removed from the sidebar of content items, because most modern browsers now natively support this feature and can handle it more effectively using CSS. Although this means that print previews for paged threads or comments will not automatically include the full content, you can still use “view as PDF” to get that result.
    profileBio and Activity are now separate tabs within the profile; the Connections tab is now the People tab. The profile shows enhanced information about following/friend relationships, even to guest users. Notifications have moved to the Actions page of What Matters.
    projectsProjects now use the same Overview widget as social groups, displaying an image, a description, and the project creation date. You can now share a project with other people. You can also follow it so you can see its activity in your Activity Stream. Task notifications from your projects are tracked in the Actions page.
    Receive Email NotificationsSee email notifications.
    Re: Why has it been over a week since we upgraded to Jive5 and I still have no recommendations?As you use the community (or if you have already used the community), Jive recommends activity to you based on your existing activity, on content that’s popular in the community, and on your relationships to other community users. You can see this content recommended on the Activity page in Recommended for You (recommendations based on all community activity) and Matters Most (recommendations within your followed activity). You can also see recommendations when you browse for activity.
    RSSBecause browsing is more powerful in Jive 5.0, your feeds can be more targeted as well: you can create an RSS feed based on any filter you create while browsing.
    RTE (Rich Text Editor)The RTE now includes drag-and-drop table reordering, advanced table styling, and many other functional enhancements. See the Help for details.

    Distinctions between spaces and groups are less important than before. Spaces now use the same Overview widget as social groups, displaying an image, a description, and the space creation date.

    • You can browse spaces along with projects and groups by browsing Places.
    • You can now share a space with other people.
    • You can also follow a space to include it in your Followed activity.


    Hub Spaces and Groups - the differences and similarities


    Direct messages and status updates are now searchable via full search, and can include sorts, time span filters, and the ability to filter to a specific person.

    • You can now choose Name only or Phonetic search when you select the People tab in search.
    • Place searches now have filters for place type, time span, and person.
    Send as emailReplaced by Sharing.
    sharingSharing replaces Send as Email. You can share any activity item with one or more individual people, in a place, or to a labeled list of people (see labels). And Shares will show in your Communications stream, so you can act on them in the Hub, as well as easily keep track of them.
    spacesSpaces and groups are still distinct in terms of their permissions structure, but both are now displayed as Places. Some widgets have been modified or discontinued.
    How-to: Microblogging (status updates) and @MentionsYou now update your status from Create > Status or from the Activity page, rather than the Activity widget on the discontinued Your View page. You can view status updates by filtering either All Activity or Followed Activity on the Activity page. Text document here: Defined: Status updates (microblogging)
    Tagging Tips - slideshowYou can filter by one or several tags while browsing: select Filter by tags, then browse more tags, and click on one or more tags in the tag cloud. If you enter more than one tag, the filter  matches content containing all tags. For example, filtering on “sales design product” returns results with all three of those tags attached, but not items only tagged “sales.”
    tasksYou can now access your tasks from your profile, from the Actions page, and within projects. Task notifications show up as alerts in the Actions page.
    Follow, Track or Receive Notifications - what does it all mean?!?This new action sends updates about any item to your Communications page. Tracking is for items you need to be alerted of, in addition to the @mentions, direct messages, and replies that ordinarily show up there. Tracking people is not recommended.
    Set-up Tip #9 - Discover new contentA new Trending Content widget on your Activity page shows content that’s been viewed, commented on, or liked a lot recently. You can use this widget to see what’s getting lots of attention in your community.
    How-to: Changing Your Email Notifications and PreferencesYou now set Preferences (for email, thread views, locale, and time zone) by clicking the Preferences menu under your name at the top right of the screen.
    visibilityWhen you’re looking at places (Groups, Spaces, and Projects), you can now see who owns them and has access to them. This term is also used to describe who can see personal (private) documents and discussions.
    What MattersWhat Matters refers to the new method of keeping track of you-centric activity in Jive. It comprises the Activity, Communications, and Actions pages that show activity relevant to you. It also includes the recommendations Jive Genius supplies pointing you to activity of interest based on popularity, topical relevance and your community relationships.

    Some widgets have been discontinued or modified. If you are using a discontinued widget and you are the page owner, your Overview pages (home page or Space and Group Overviews) will show messages identifying any background changes. Your widget content will not be lost.

    For a complete list of widget changes in v5, see the list of detailed changes.

    Your StuffYour Stuff has been discontinued. You’ll now automatically see a Followed filter when you browse Content, People, and Places.
    Your ViewYour View has been discontinued. The “you-centric” view of Jive is available through smart browsing and through the What Matters Activity, Communications, and Actions pages that show you all the activity related to you and directed at you.


    See also, APX Labs Monthly Report: February, 2013 -


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