Version 1

    The following document is for people who have implemented Ryan Rutan's QuickLinks Plugin


    The Links option on the navigation menu allows you to set quick links to the places, people or content you need to see most often or quickly. It is pre-populated with some important global places, and you can set up to a total of 10 links that will persist in the menu.


    To Set your Links

    1. In the navigation menu (the red bar at the top of your page), click the dropdown arrow next to Links
    2. Click Edit
    3. Type in what you want the link to say. This can be the page name, or it could be something else to help you remember what you use it for.
    4. Paste in the URL for the place you are linking to.
      1. You can get this URL by having a second Hub window open where you've navigated to the place/person/content.
      2. Double click your mouse in the browser bar
      3. Right click and choose copy
      4. In the other window where your QuickLinks edit page is showing, right click and paste the URL
    5. Click Save


    To Reorder your Links

    There is no fancy way to do this. You'll basically need to remove the links, put them back in the order you want, and save. One option:

    1. If you have a total of 10 links, copy and paste one of them into a Word document or Notepad.
    2. Copy and paste whichever link you want located in that spot into the empty row.
    3. Continue copying and pasting links until you have them ordered the way you want.
    4. Remember to copy and paste in the link you moved to Word.
    5. Click Save.


    Power User Tip

    For those who are avid "click-savers", use your Links to bookmark a Search into a Place with specific tags/categories and sort options checked. Depending on the number of filters applied, this could be upwards of 10 clicks that are bundled into 2.


    For example: Perhaps you want to get to All Discussions in your product support group that are Unanswered Questions, and are tagged "question", and you want it sorted by creation date, with the newest one first.

    1. Go to the Content tab for that group
    2. Click Discussions
    3. Click Open Questions in the dropdown menu
    4. Click the Filter by tag button
    5. Enter Questions into the text box
    6. Click Sort by date created: newest first in the sort dropdown menu
    7. Copy the URL from your browser, and paste it into your Links menu as an option (named whatever you want.


    Now, the next time you want it, you click Links and you will quickly get a list of questions that have gone dormant in your product support area!