Version 1

    Starting with version 6, you are able to choose your homepage from among the options on your left-hand navigation. To learn more about why to choose each of the different options, as well as learn some additional tips on working well within the system, check out: 10 set-up tips for newbies.


    To select your homepage:

    1. Review the pages available to you on the left-hand menu.
      (insert screenshot)
    2. Click to show the page you want to be your homepage (the default page displayed when you login, or click Home).
    3. Click the pin to "pin" it as your homepage.
      (insert screenshot)



    Still not sure which option to choose? Read #1 in10 set-up tips for newbies for more details. Or try out each of the options for a while and see what suits you best.


    Please note: The options presented in the Landing Page options cannot be personalized further. They are system defaults.