Social Leaders

Version 4

    Special Disclaimer


    This is a beta release and is not supported by Jive Software.


    What is Social Leaders?


    The Social Leaders plugin replaces the built-in reputation system for Jive SBS with one that creates additional point categories and weights recent contributions higher than older contributions.


    Why do I care?


    In a nutshell, the intent of this plugin is to incentivize the community to participate more actively in the creation of quality content by providing an intrinsic reward system that encourages new and old users alike.


    In the reputation system that ships with Jive, points are accumulated over time and never decrease.  For a community like Jivespace where some users have in excess of 10K points, it can be a rather daunting task to try to break into the leaderboard.  As a new user, I may come into the community and create a lot of valuable content that drives additional community participation, but that contribution would likely leave me a long ways off from the top of the list, even if I was the only one actively contributing content.


    With the Social Leaders reputation system, newer contributions are weighted more heavily than older contributions, so new users can quickly ascend the ranks (and should be more motivated to do so).  Furthermore, the plugin seeks to encourage the creation of better content by providing additional rewards for users who create content that drives participation by other community members.


    What do you get points for?


    • Create a message
    • Someone replies to a message you created
    • Create a document
    • Add a document revision
    • Create a blog post
    • Create a video
    • Rate content
    • Receive a rating
    • Add a comment
    • Someone replies to a comment you've left
    • Associate a tag with your content
    • Add an external bookmark
    • Add an internal bookmark
    • Someone bookmarks content that you created
    • Complete a task

    What's on the feature roadmap?


    • Restore previous point categories and values when plugin is uninstalled
    • Backup points rewarded for new point categories when plugin is removed so they can be re-added if the plugin is reinstalled at a later point
    • Update historical points to reflect the new point values
    • Provide an admin UI for tuning behavior
    • Need UI to help users understand how the scoring system works


    Installation instructions


    1. Install the plugin through the admin console under System > Plugins > Add Plugin
    2. Restart your SBS instance to complete the install
    3. (Optional) Run the following SQL statement to update the historical points in your system:


    UPDATE jiveStatusLevelPnt set points = (select points from jiveStatLvlScen where jiveStatLvlScen.code = jiveStatusLevelPnt.code);


    Removal instructions


    1. Delete the plugin from your admin console
    2. Restart to complete the removal
    3. (optional) Restore points to their default values and remove special points by running this SQL:


    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 1 where scenarioID = 1;    -- message added
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 4 where scenarioID = 2;   -- correct answer
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 2 where scenarioID = 3;    -- helpful answer
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 4 where scenarioID = 4;   -- doc added
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 3 where scenarioID = 5;    -- blog post added
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 1 where scenarioID = 6;    -- task completed
    UPDATE jiveStatLvlScen set points = 3 where scenarioID = 7;    -- video added
    DELETE from jiveStatLvlScen where scenarioID >= 1000;
    DELETE from jiveStatusLevelPnt where code not in (select code from jiveStatLvlScen);


    Suggestions / Questions


    Leave me a comment here or shoot me a message on Twitter (@austrum).