Version 2

    What is it?

    Considering amount of issues faced by developers while using CLT, we have come up with alternate way of creating apps. Developers can host apps on any external web site and use the app gadget xml url for creation of app. This should simplify the app creation process and save developers some time from installing software locally.



    How do I use it?

    Here's the mapping of app creation flow tasks - old CLT way to new Web UI way

    Developer Create App

    From CLT, execute "jvieapps create <app-name>"


    The response includes "App UUID" and OAuth keys

    From developer site, app partner can click on "Register New App" button to create app with short name and app gadget xml url



    Result page includes OAuth section

    App installation on sandbox

    CLT "jiveaps create <app-name>" internally installs the app on default sandbox.

    On top of that developers can go to additional sandboxes and use dev installer tool to install app



    No app creation on default sandbox



    Dev installer tool has been modified to include "UUID" text field along with "Gadget URL"

    Developer View Sandbox AppOn Developer Site app partner can view app details

    This page is mostly the same, except "Application OAuth" section and "Edit" link is added to allow switching of gadget xml url



    Clicking on this link converts url field to input text


    Developer Submits App

    On Developer site, developer clicks on "Submit for Approval" button. It internally takes a snapshot of development gadget xml to create staging url


    App submission is now 2 step process...

    1. Upload gadget zip for hosting



    Clicking the upload opens up the dialog for app zip upload



    Post upload, developer can see the generated app xml url




    - Developer can upload app zip n number of times to generate new submission versions.

    - App developer can also use this url to install app on sandbox for testing


    2. After this step developer can use "Submit for Approval" button to submit the app

    Admin Views Sandbox AppAdmin can click on Sandbox copy of app from Apps list page to view app details

    On the same page, admin gets "Application OAuth" control


    Developer / Admin Views Live App

    From app listing page, admin or developer can click on live app to view app details

    While the approval is pending, developer gets following message for production url control on live app details page



    Once app is approved, the control switches to


    Developer deletes appCLT command "jiveapps delete" is available to developer for app deletion

    The sandbox details page include "Delete" button





    • If the app is created from Apphosting (legacy data), then "Upload" & "Delete" buttons are not available. On submission, apphosting will generate the staging url
    • If the app is created from Apphosting (legacy data), then editing app url will break the connection between the apphosting and market and the app will behave as if it is created using external url. At that point, "Upload" and "Delete" options should be available



    References & Further Reading