Version 25

    Add-on Recipes

    This cookbook breaks down add-on building into different "recipes." Add-ons provide a secure way of extending the Jive Platform with third-party integrations. Some add-ons include templates or tiles that are used to deliver data in Jive places.  Once an add-on is complete

    Analytics Recipe

    Using the Jive Data Export Service

    Mobile Recipe

    TBD - Heath Borders

    Jive Anywhere Cartridge Recipe

    Jive Anywhere 2.1 SDK

    External Storage Framework Recipe

    Building External Storage Provider

    Core API Service Recipe

    Creating an Add-On

    New App capabilities:

    External Activities improvements - TBD Club Med / (Aron to do App section)

    External Storage - TBD Club Med

    Using Web Hooks

    Using Batch Operations with the V3 API

    Extended Properties – user and system:

         Extended Properties

          Ext Props vs Syst

    Connecting to Jive with OAuth2

    The top 20 most common REST commands - TBD Craig/Todd

    Design Recipe

    The following documents provide an overview of how to design tiles for add-ons.

    1. List Tile: Design and JSON Overview
    2. Table Tile: Design and JSON Overview
    3. Gallery Tile: Design and JSON Overview
    4. Gauge Tile: Design and JSON Overview
    5. Calendar Tile: Design and JSON Schema