Version 5

    We experienced an availability event that impacted search functionality for US based communities.  The specific impact was inability to search for documents and places as well as @mentioning them. This did not impact searching or mentioning people.  Jive Hosting and Engineering teams are aggressively pursuing resolution. Updates will be provided at least every 30 minutes until this issue is resolved.


    8:30am PDTFirst received alerts of an issue with Cloud search
    9:00am PDTOperations and Search Engineers have engaged
    9:30am PDTInvestigation is continuing, with senior resources from all relevant teams
    10:00am PDTEngineering efforts have significantly improved performance as of 09:45. We are continuing to work on the Search Service.
    10:30am PDTWe are actively making changes to ensure future stability. There may be brief periods of slower performance as these are rolled out.
    11:00am PDTAt this time Cloud Search performance is normal, and this incident is now closed. Our investigation of the root cause of this issue continues, and a summary will be provided in this thread when complete.