Analytics Module Plugin v1

Version 1



    The Jive Analytics Module provides a powerful extension to the analytics datamart through an integration with SAP Business Objects OnDemand.  The analytics datamart, which is part of the SBS platform, serves as a historical repository of end-user activity.  The Jive Analytics Module leverages this data by extracting and transmitting it to the SAP Business Objects OnDemand environment which customers can then access via a browser to conduct reporting and analysis.  The Jive Analytics Module requires the purchase of the associated module license.


    The Jive Analytics Module Plug-in initiates and manages the flow of data from the local datamart to the Business Objects environment.  The plug-in extracts data into csv files and transmits them via SFTP.  The first extract will capture a full history of activity from the datamart; subsequent extracts pull only activity that has accrued since the previous run.  The plug-in does not have any end-user impacts.





    In order to use this analyics module you will need to have purchased this feature. Jive will have provided you with a customer account id and associated password. You can install and enable the plugin before obtaining these credentials, however the plugin will not be able to transmit the data without them.


    The plugin transmits the data extracts securely to our hosting server using SFTP. It is necessary that the application server can connect to this server on port 22. You may need to adjust your firewall rules to allow outgoing connections on this port.



    Installation Steps



    1. Download and install the plugin-in. A restart of the application server is required.
    2. In the admin console, navigate to the Reporting | Settings | Business Objects Cloud screen.
    3. Click the Enabled checkbox.
    4. Enter the username and password provided to you by Jive.
    5. Click Save







    The plugin will automatically extract data at 3am in the morning and upload the files to our hosting server via SFTP.


    It is possible to schedule an immediate extract and load by clicking the Run button. However, if SBS is configured in a cluster then this will only work if your browser is pointing at the senior node in the cluster. If your browser is going through a load balancer and the admin page is rendered from a non-senior node then clicking the Run botton will have no effect.