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    Jive Market Engagement is a commercial solution for SBS 4.x. An additional commercial add-on license is required in addition to the plug-in. In order to upgrade your SBS license and take advantage of this solution, please contact your Jive sales representative.


    Jive Market Engagement enables you to turn social media monitoring insights into action

    To truly derive value from social media, you don't need a big team. You just need the ability to share what you learn from your listening platform in order to contribute to the overall knowledgebase of the company and to ensure that appropriate and timely responses occur 100% of the time. With Jive's Market Engagement Solution you empower your Market Manager to:

    1. Be aware of the conversations, posts, and people that are influencing brand and product perceptions
    2. Interpret and bring broad visibility to the trends from across the social web
    3. Turn those insights into action by responding on the social web and adjusting strategies accordingly


    You can learn more about Jive's Market Engagement Solution here

    See an online demo of the solution in action here




    Updated Release Notes for JME Version 2.0.2 (8.12.2010):

    You need to configure a value to ensure that  each of your community's social media experts are uniquely identified  within the service providing the Social Media Console. To do this, you  set the jive.mands.emailsuffix system property to specify the value that  should be appended to the expert's email address. (The value is for  namespacing only – it doesn't change the user's email address.) You can  set system properties in the admin console.


    Admin Console: System > Management > System Properties


    The value you give can be anything unique to the community. The  instance ID would be a good choice (see your jiveInstanceId system  property). The value must be the same on all clustered nodes (it will be  automatically replicated across your cluster).



    Specifies a value that uniquely identifies the community for namespacing  users within the Social Media Console. The value can be anything unique  to the community, such as its instance ID (see the jiveInstanceId  system property). For example, if this value is set to "foo", then the  email address sent to the service for joe will be


    Version Information

    This version of Jive Market Engagement is compatible with Jive SBS 4.0.2 and all future 4.0.x releases.

    JME Version = 2.0.2, Released on August 12th, 2010

    NOTE: This plugin is not compatible with Jive SBS 4.5.x and above. If you're using 4.5.x, please download the 4.5.x compatible plugin found here: Jive Market Engagement for 4.5