Version 1

    Commit - 90% = Contract negotiation in final stages, budget committed and exec sponsor fully engaged


    Forecast - 70% = Jive has been selected Vendor of Choice, budget has been identified, contract documents have been exchanged and use case has been confirmed with ROI and executive sponsorship


    Upside - 50%  = rep is confident that we are winning vendor selection but not confirmed, prospect is engaged with Jive and checking references, budget is identified with a time line and prospect has executive sponsorship


    Pipeline - 10-40% = identified project with time line, budget and executive sponsorship.


    New Opportunities StagesJive Forecast CategoryPercentage

    0 - Prospecting

    1 - OpportunityPipeline
    2 - Vision DevelopmentPipeline
    3 - Solution ProofUpside50%
    4 - Proposal AcceptanceForecast70%
    5 - Pending SalesCommit90%
    6 - Processing
    7 -Closed Won


    Renewal Opportunities StagesJive Forecast CategoryPercentage

    At Risk Renewal

    Open RenewalUpside50%
    Working RenewalForecast70%
    Committed RenewalCommit90%
    Closed Won