Version 1

    The format of the LDAP search filter changed in 5.0.4, so any upgrades from a previous version to 5.0.4 or above may be impacted. In the past the filter included a wildcard clause that looked like (sAMAccountName={0}). The {0} portion is replaced by the user's username  This is no longer used in 5.0.4+ and is inserted automatically. A filter that includes this clause will no longer work. If a filter is saved in the old format, the app will not successfully replace the {0} with a username and will query LDAP using the {0} as is. LDAP will interpret the value as is and search for the user that has a sAMAccountName of {0}. This will always return no results.

    There is an upgrade task that parses a filter in the old format and changes it to fit the new format. If the filter is in a format that cannot be parsed, an error will be thrown:

    Your LDAP search filter could not be correctly parsed.  Please contact Jive support for assistance.

    An old filter looks like this:



    The new filter should look like this:


    The (sAMAccountName={0}) portion is omitted entirely. It is inserted at runtime.