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    Quick Tips: Using Email to Create Jive Content


    Do you send emails that you'd like to have automatically posted to the Hub? This is a GREAT method to use when you want to use a distribution list of people to receive your communication (including the Hub), and it allows you to easily reference it later from within email. (For those using Outlook on a PC, an alternative to this is Jive for Outlook.)


    Why would you want to do this?

    • You don‘t want to have to open a browser and log into Jive to add a discussion post. This allows you to post directly from your email inbox.
    • You haven't added the mobile app to your phone or tablet device, but do have work email on it.


    Here's how:

    1. First, you need to set-up the Jive email address for this. You will only need to do this once per Jive place/content type.
      1. Go to the space or group where you want the content to display
      2. Click Create by email
      3. Select the content type you want to be able to create (I'd suggest doing one at a time)
      4. Click Email vCards
      5. Go to your email program
      6. In Outlook, double-click to open the attachment
      7. Save the vCard (give it a descriptive name you'll recognize)
    2. Create your email message
    3. Add the email address you just created in your contact list on your To: or CC: line
    4. Add the subject line (remember - this will be the title of your Hub doc as well, and is required to have text [i.e. it can't be blank])
    5. Add text into the body of the email. Because all Jive content has a requirement for text in the content body, emails that have no text in the body will not be posted by the system, and you will not receive an error message.
    6. Send


    As easy as that, your information has been emailed as well as being posted to the Jive!


    **Please note: If you have more than one email address that you use, you'll need to be trying to create the new content using the same email address as is stored in the Jive. If not, you will get a deliver failure report.