Version 1

    Email notifications have been a big element of confusion for our users since we upgraded to Jive 6 from 4.5, because now email notifications are connected to streams, and many users don't yet understand what streams are.  When I try to explain email notifications to people, I find myself first having to give a primer on streams, then preferences, and then following, and I can see the eyes glazing over--usually all they want to know is "how do I get emails/turn off emails for this group?"


    Since we had some success last year with our Tagging Infographic, I just introduced this new tool to our help community, which is designed to guide people through the process of setting up email notifications for their communities by asking them a series of easy questions.  It cuts out all the context for why email notifications are set up the way they are, and assumes the user hasn't changed their preferences from the default, but does provide links to a companion resource that explains all of that in depth.


    Would love to hear feedback from others on this.  Is this the way you explain email notifications to your users?  Is there anything I said in the infographic that you think is wrong or would have said differently?  How have you overcome email confusion at your company, or has it not been an issue for you?  This is a huge thing for us.