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    The key to long term revenue growth lies upstream from day-to-day product marketing campaigns.    Dominance and market share in a vertical requires a position at the vanguard of an industry's unique trends and challenges.  In this session, Pearson's Director of Online Communities, Liz Trimaloff, will share how Pearson is using community to influence the leaders of an entire industry, which in turn drives revenue to their largest vertical.    A marketer at heart, Liz will show how she is able to seed the community with thought leadership, harvest rich data from registered users, and in turn drive targeted marketing initiatives to buyers and decision makers.  Dave Kilimnik from SolutionSet will also share how SolutionSet has partnered with Pearson on strategic, creative, and engineering areas to drive both registration and engagement.



    Liz Trimaloff David Kilimnik


    From Marketing to Revenue: Using Community to Influence an Industry