Version 8


    How do you make true customer engagement a genuine reality, not merely a wishful tagline in your organization? It begins by aligning internal teams and streamlining internal processes around a single collaborative platform whose driving premise is pointedly and purposefully, “customer first”.


    Anchored by a foundational customer support experience (combining Jive’s extensive out-of-the-box customer service capabilities with a tailored extension of the core Jive CRM connector), Schneider Electric set out to create a complete, customer-centric ecosystem functioning as an “extended networked enterprise” comprised of their clients, partners, and employees.


    Come see firsthand how you can marry a multitude of critical business functions (like customer support, partner enablement, product ideation, online education, event execution, and developer engagement) into a single external facing community to engage your clients, partners, and prospective customers at unprecedented levels. It’s social business polygamy without any of the taboo.




    Todd Moran


    One to Bind Them All: Aligning Six Critical Business Functions in a Single Customer-centric Ecosystem