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    Jivers Liz Brigham and Ryan Rutan will cover the evolution of Jive for Marketing -- both for internal collaboration and for public marketing communities geared towards customers and partners.  Come hear specifically how we are taking marketing to the next level by integrating Marketo, a marketing automation tool, into our public communities and Jive's Purposeful Places -- which gives marketers the ability to own the customer lifecycle, front to back.



    Elizabeth Brigham Ryan Rutan


    Marketing's Holy Grail - Connecting Marketing Automation Tools & Deeper Analytics in Your Jive Community - Video


    • .3 x 4 is 1.2, not 1.1 as my feverish impromptu Math might suggest.
    • Anecdote that I wanted to share:
      Attendee:  Just have them look at the content in the JiveWorld13 group in the JC, it's public so you shouldn't have any problem.
      Me:  Actually, the JiveWorld13 group is Secret, not public.  You were automatically added to the group through our marketing automation integration.
      Attendee:  Wow, I thought it was a public group.  Crazy.  Didn't even realize it.
      Me: (Inside my mind)  This would be an awesome anecdote to share during my presentation about a seamless experience!