Version 5

    DIRECTV is changing the way work gets done through CORE, the company's internal social collaboration platform. An elite group of power users, known as CORE Champions, are the driving force behind DIRECTV's movement towards a more connected enterprise. CORE Champions were cultivated through a comprehensive training program designed to take employees new to this type of technology from novice to expert level in a matter of weeks.


    This session focuses on the value of training when launching a social business initiative -- a frequently missed opportunity that can significantly increase adoption and advocacy. Whether you already have a social intranet running or are planning to implement one in the future, you will find value through statistical evidence of the effect the CORE Champions program had on adoption rates at DIRECTV, lessons learned from the team responsible for developing and delivering the training program, and CORE Champion stories from throughout the organization.



    Michael Ambrozewicz Thyda Nhek